Where Does U.S. Fit in Israel-Gaza Cease-Fire Plan?

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July 15 (Bloomberg) -- Bloomberg’s Phil Mattingly examines the White House’s response to the cease-fire plan for Israel-Gaza presented by the Egyptian government and the state of the Middle East policy. He speaks on “Bloomberg Surveillance.”

Response to israel.

Is it the same response we would have seen three years ago or five years ago or 10 years ago?

They have been waiting for what you have seen over the last 24 hours.

The government to step in and start the process of negotiating a cease-fire.

It happened in 2009 and 2012. the wrinkle is the military backed it egyptian government does not have a relationship with hamas.

That is where you see complexity.

The obama administration has supported what egypt has put out and supported israel accepting the cease-fire.

They are in wait and see mode, like we are.

To we have any voice in the region?

I mean within jordan, israel.

What passes for some form of palestine, do we have a voice?

It exists.

When you see is john kerry very active amidst this time in vienna working on the iran nuclear negotiations.

He has been active with the egyptian government and israel.

Hamas is the wildcard.

And not a great relationship between the u.s. and hamas.

Adam hit on this at the beginning.

There are elements of hamas that seemed open to the cease-fire.

The military wing is the one that said no.

It is tough to know who you are negotiating with when one entity does not exist.

Roger cohen writing in the new york times, arabs should study the holocaust.

The story goes on and on.

The dead die for nothing.

That is my morning must read.

There are so many voices and so much noise and so much misunderstanding.

Is there any central truth that washington is trying to cling onto?

Quickset is tough.

The obama administration went all in on trying to figure out a way to negotiate.

John kerry, with all that is going on, got criticism for putting our sin for being on the plane so often in the region.

Is therefore in a policy overload right now, our congress people drowning in international relations?

Covers people wish they did not have to deal with foreign-policy issues.

It would like to speak about domestic issues.

The obama administration, look at john kerry's travel schedule.

It has been major issue after major issue.

It is crises.

It is not just an issue.

The band with is lacking and the administration is stretched thin.

We will talk more with phil mattingly.

Right now, let's get to company news.

We begin with a dublin-based company.

Boredom must sign off.

The drug maker is backing the offer.

A former credit suisse mergers executive held out.

They could cut the tax bill by moving space to u.k.. boeing collected $21 billion in sales.

Most of the buyers are taking in the new model.

Airbus tripled boeing's total.

Boeing is expected to bounce back today with a $9 billion

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