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Aug 20 (Bloomberg) -- Bloomberg senior West Coast correspondent Jon Erlichman and Contributing Editor Nicholas Thompson examines what may come next for Barnes & Noble as founder Leonard Riggio abandoned his efforts to purchase the bookstore chain’s retail business as losses deepened in the first quarter. They speak on Bloomberg Television's "In The Loop."

Time for this versus that.

We are watching innovation in the ailing beer market where sales in western europe have been on the decline for six years.

This is anheuser-busch inv bev, the market leader who introduced bud lite lime.

Since then, there have not been too many new flavors and ended -- blended in with the longer until nine to -- until now.

Heineken needed a new idea, so they turn to an old one.

This year, the company rolled out a line of a blend of lemon soda and blogger.

The radler takes heineken back about one century.

It was catered to sportsmen looking to take something that was a cross between a year and a soft drink.

The radler has had strong performance so far this year.

I will have to try it out.

Turning to a game changer, supermodel kate upton as grace the cover of some of the world's most storied publications.

She is on the cover of elle magazine.

Does the bombshell models sell magazines?

We have the answer.

? the favorite part of my body -- it might be my eyes.

We will see how many she sells.

It is 56 minutes after the hour, which means bloomberg television is on the markets.

Equity futures are slightly higher.

And, for the highs of the session.

We want to highlight best buy after they posted their highest quarterly profit in more than two years as the opus on trimming costs.

That focus on trimming costs.

Dick's sporting goods cut their outlook after missing forecasts.

Coming up, barnes & noble looks for a magic bullet and the nook did not do it.

The bookstore is to find a winning strategy.

The new asia says for the time being -- leonard riggio says that for the time being he will not buy the retail side.

You are watching "in the loop" on bloomberg television streaming on your ipad and on bloomberg.com.

? : 30 minutes until the opening bill.

This is "in the loop" and the countdown begins now.

Welcome back, egypt's government has arrested the spiritual leader of the brotherhood and the death toll from a week of protest has reached 1,000. a lot of retail earnings in the u.s. home depot said same-store sales were up the most in 14 years, best buy the largest quarterly profit in more than two years.

Phil falcone is being barred from the hedge fund industry that made him a billionaire being told he improperly borrowed from the fund to pay perform taxes.

We go to the markets desk for the countdown.

Urban outfiters at premarket raised to outperform from neutral.

Better than estimated.

I'm watching tesla after it said its flagship model received the highest crash test rating of any car tested by u.s. regulators.

It sis starting at about $70,000. i'm looking at j.c. pen penney's penney's. any investors including one who reportedly is buying the secured debt of the company are betting on a turnaround.

So even though it is down any improvement is something you are counting on.

Jcpenney is becoming an arena for hedge fund managers.

Barnes & noble reported earnings last hour but its move by the founder is making bigger news or perhaps lack of a move deciding not to buy the retail operation of b.n.n. john ehrlichman has more on this.

Perhaps leonard is trying to say he is going to focus more on the nook business here?

There's some of that in this.

When the founder and largest shareholder in barnes & noble made the bid to buy the retail business part of it because most of the focus was on the nook business and less on the traditional book selling retail business, which obviously he built up in the same way maybe michael dell think he is the pwesbest person to turn it around.

But things remain unanswered with the barnes & noble business.

Whether or not we will see a change of ownership in the nook business, whether a strategic partner like microsoft would buy it.

They recently announced the departure of their c.e.o. william lynch and they are looking to get out of manufacturing the nook device and looking for a hardware partner to make it for them.

He did say in the filing one of the priorities will be to sell more nook devices in their stores, which mix it sound like these two businesses that seem to be moving in different directions may be coming back together.

But there are a lot fof still unanswered questions.

No wonder consumers and investors are consumed by the future.

Lit rs results that -- latest results shows another tough quarter for the nook.

They do.

The numbers suggest there was roughly a 20% decline in revenue for their nook-related business year over year.

Slightly larger if you just talk about the hardware they are selling.

You probably know people that use the nook device.

The bigger issue is the battle with the likes of apple, amazon and google who may have better scale.

That is one thing we will have to watch is whether or not they can make this business more successful versus the competition and now based on what is being said is their goal to push more of the products to the stores.

We will have to wait to see.

John ehrlichman or senior west coast correspondent in l.a. for more on the future of barnes apbdnd noble, as john was saying it is a shame with them because the nook tablet is kind of a good device.

It has gotten good reviews.

They have been innovative but it has been a complete flop.

I have a radical suggestion.

They should

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