Where College Degrees Don’t Equal Jobs

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March 26 (Bloomberg) -- Council on Foreign Relations Senior Fellow Isobel Coleman discusses global youth unemployment on Bloomberg Television’s “Bloomberg Surveillance.” (Source: Bloomberg)

Destabilizing already unstable countries.

A new report on youth unemployment coming from washington.

This is an issue in the united states, europe, the middle east, africa, asia.

What is the distinction in the united states versus around the world?

Level of education?

It is very much of a supply issue in the united states.

Youth unemployment is very much concentrated amongst those with the least education.

They are trying hard to find jobs in the economy really does not need for so many people without skills.

They are really struggling.

In other countries it is different.

High youth unemployment amongst those with college degrees, but not in the united states.

Will the trend evolve towards united states?

Or move more towards what we see in the rest of the world?

An excess of jobless college graduates?

You have gone through some brutal financial cycles in the united states.

You have seen unemployment go up over all and it is now coming down and we are hopeful that american college graduates will be back at normal levels of them -- of employment over the next several years.

But you have to look at what people are studying as well.

There is a huge demand for people with more technically oriented skills.

They do not have any employment problems.

People with more general degrees , without the hard skills involved, are taking longer to find their first job.

Bill gates has said that for every one non-us citizen hired with a high degree of expertise, it leads to five other jobs being created at microsoft.

But we also hear from members of congress that hiring people from outside the u.s. takes jobs away from americans?

Where do you come down on this?

In the united states we have an enormous lack of people with the requisite technical skills.

Engineering skills in particular, that we need.

It is not just a question of not hiring foreign workers.

We simply don't have enough american workers with the skills in particular areas that are needed.

I come down on growing the economy.

Growing the upon me with the people needed to grow it.

Couldn't we be doing more to channel young people into those programs that will provide them with technical skills?

Hands-on training?

I think we can.

What does your research show about unemployed single young men?

People cite them as potentially dangerous combinations.

Angry, helpless, frustrated, there is talk that they could turn to violence and social unrest.

This is something that countries like asia and africa will need to contend with.

There has been a lot of work done looking at the connection between high rates of youth unemployment and political instability.

We have seen that political instability roll across the middle east, of course, in recent years.

The highest levels of youth unemployment among those with college degrees.

Higher levels of education.

People are taking to the streets who are fomenting social unrest and are not illiterate young people who have never been to school.

They are those in the community with the highest levels of education with high aspirations that they cannot meet because

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