Where Are the Women on Twitter's Board?

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Nov. 7 (Bloomberg) -- Bloomberg Television's "Lunch Money" Host Matt Miller reports on the makeup of Twitter's board. (Source: Bloomberg)

Against that, that is tremendously motivating and an incredibly motivating work environment.

I want to continue to foster that kind of working environment.

And international aim and many international users.

Some question the makeup of the twitter board.

Where are the women?

When they are public, they have to look like the people that are investing in them.

They have to now represent the public which means you have to have diversity on the board.

He got into a war of words with the ceo.

The cfo and ceo surely have something to add.

Here is dick costolo's response.

We have a management team with a spectrum of experience across the media and technology landscape.

Our cfo finance the yahoo!

Team before that.

I could go on and on.

[inaudible] spending so much time on the leadership team and engineering.

I could keep enumerating and go another couple levels down the company.

We work together well.

We have healthy conversations and staff meetings.

I am confident we have the right team in place.

You are a startup guy here at how long do you want to keep doing this?

I have not given that a moment's thought.

I do not think about my life that way.

One of the interview questions i would get in the past of any company i go into is -- where do you see yourself in five years?

I do not look at my life that way.

I look at what is in front of us.

I look at the integrity of my work.

[inaudible] we are going to have women on the board at twitter.

We have had a number of discussions with candidates.

We are regularly looking to add to the board and are having those discussions.

We will have female board members at twitter.

It was very important to us in the run-up to the ipo not to ask someone to join the board and sign off on the registration statements, the personal reliability, before they spend any time with the company, before they even come to a board meeting.

We do not think that was respectable, frankly.

We will actively have

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