Where Is Tesla Selling the Most Cars?

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Sept. 5 (Bloomberg) -- Bloomberg Businessweek's Kyle Stock reports on the places where Tesla's cars are most popular. He speaks with Cory Johnson on Bloomberg Television's "Bloomberg West." (Source: Bloomberg)

Despite the hype around the company, just around 12,000 cars have been delivered to date.

How popular is the tesla, and where is it popular?

He wrote an interesting piece in bloomberg businessweek about tesla.

You talk about where the car is selling.

There were headlines about california.

It was one of the top five sports luxury cars, but still selling less than the hyundai.

What do you make of where the car is selling?

California is big.

Basically half of tesla goes there.

We ran the numbers on registration vis-a-vis other cars.

Washington state is the top number one.

There is one tesla for every 10 passenger cars in washington.

Washington is big.

Ec is also big.

California is number two -- d.c. is also big.

California is number two.

Tesla says they like to focus where there is a green minded consumer.

One out of 100 cars sold in washington state in the first half of the year were tesla?

One tesla for every 10 passenger cars.


It's interesting.

Silicon valley -- we see them all over the place.

It's interesting to see them there.

There is something about california early adoption in all things.

What is it about washington state?

What are the rules or laws that really bring out the sales of a car like this that are unique to washington?

Incentives are a big one.

Washington state -- someone who buys a tesla does not have to pay sales tax on that car.

It is a huge incentive.

For $100,000 car, the sales tax is not cheap.

You don't have to go through emissions testing.

The other thing that tesla folks talk about, the word-of-mouth effect.

If there is one in your neighborhood, there is a show room in seattle, a show room in portland, in vancouver.

There are no showrooms in south dakota.

There's no tesla's in south dakota.

I was at the show room in seattle a few months ago.

It was interesting to be there, to wonder if we will all be driving electric cars.

A lot of people who are bearish about tesla make the case that you cannot get the car in texas.

There are a number of places where the car cannot be legally sold.

I asked tesla for a list of place they could not be sold.

They did not provide one.

It is a bullish thing.

If someday they allow it in texas, that opens up a new market.

The fact that it cannot be sold some places means that he will be, or is there something special about california and washington?

We crunched numbers on the states where they are really fighting the dealers to go direct to consumers.

Texas, massachusetts is huge.

Customers in those states, if they want a tesla, they are buying them.

Massachusetts, where they have had huge opposition from dealers -- it is the number 10 state by tesla popularity.

Texas is up there as well, and north carolina.

People want these cars.

They're going to get them.

Would they sell more in taxes if they could have their own showrooms?

It's hard to say.

They are definitely moving cars there.

Interesting story.

The numbers continue to be interesting.

Great stories by kyle stock.

Iq, cory.

Next -- thank you, cory.

Next, how wearable tech is changing the future of medicine.


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