When Will Xiaomi Come to America?

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May 15 (Bloomberg) –- In today’s “Global Outlook,” Jarden President Martin Franklin comments on Xiaomi's plans to release a tablet computer in China next month. He speaks with Trish Regan on Bloomberg Television's "Street Smart." (Source: Bloomberg)


It was the tech event of the moment.

The day the chinese tech giant to show me unveiled a new lineup of raw ducks.

Stepping up the competition with apple and samsung.

The company already dominates the smartphone market.

Now releasing a low price marked on computer that resembles the iphone mini.

We caught up with the former global head of android.

Here is what he said about the plans for the tablet market.

We have spent four years working up to the point where we thought we had the right hardware design and software capability to build a world-class target.

We think we are there finally.

We think we will change the market without a doubt.

The new tablet will use the android software and cost aroun.

The u.s. market is obviously not in our plans for this year.

Obviously an insanely competitive market.

Getting there requires irking hard and being ready.

We will work up to that.

Certainly that is the goal.

The four-year-old company valued at $10 billion and will answer 10 new markets to meet its goal of tripling shipments to 60 million phones this year.

Here with me as we stick with the china theme, martin franklin am a cofounder and chairman of jarden.

We have about 10,000 employees in china.

We have certain brands that sell for us and china.

One example would be the nooks baby products.

-- nuk.

Are you looking for more acquisitions and opportunity?

China is a huge developing economy and a consumer economy.

Their middle class is growing.

Consumer demand will continue growing at a faster pace than most developed nations.

So yes, an opportunity.

I think establishing distribution and footholds.

80% of success is showing up.

You have to be there if you want to start hiring people and

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