When to Expect an iWatch and Apple TV: Munster

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Sept. 10 (Bloomberg) -- Gene Munster, senior research analyst at Piper Jaffray, comments on Apple's product development plans. He speaks with Jon Erlichman on Bloomberg Television's "Bloomberg West." (Source: Bloomberg)

Apple to focus on the iphone, a product generating 50% of its revenue but you also want to know what's around the corner.

Back with us now is piper jaffray analyst gene munster who has been covering apple for a long time.

Did you come here expecting hear more about something else?

We always hope for more but it did not happen.

The wildcard was a not dated apple tv, the of dated box, but that was a wildcard.

Let's start with a smart watch.

There's been a lot of speculation on that front.

Samsung had its own event to unveil its own.

The fact that apple hasn't made a move into this market yet, good thing, bad thing?

Very apple-like.

They were not first to the market with the phone so this is very apple-like to be a follower.

In terms of the timing , probably sometime in 2014 but it's pretty clear that wearable technology is something that apple has an interest in and he watches a very logical place to go.

When samsung unveiled at they said you could have it with all the bells and whistles if you buy our new tablet device.

Do you think the rollout that way, skeptic said they just wanted to get it out now so it's in the market.

Do you think the rollout played into apple's hands?

The limit on how successful it can be short-term?

Wearable tech will be a tethered category so that will limit some of the opportunity . to think about this, you will have to have an iphone to use your iwatch.

You hinted what we could have heard.

Give us hints about what we could be hearing about in the months to come.

We still believe apple is working on an actual television and it will be out sometime in 2014. we did not hear about it today.

When they talk about new product categories, we think that tv is generally and that.

His apple in a position to redefine the television market the way that it redefined the phone market with the introduction of the iphone way back when?

When we survey consumers, they believe they can.

Given what they have done around the phone and other devices, i think it is an opportunity to do it.

Is this groundwork in any way for any of the other devices.

We look at the incremental advances in each phone.

Is it setting the stage for any other product category apple could be looking at?

The one we talked about earlier is the digital wallet, the fingerprint reader on the iphone 5 that is the gateway to allow you to use your phone as a payment that the so you don't have to wait in line, get receipts, loyalty programs.

The goal was to be to get a fraction of a percent of these transactions.

Visa gets 2%. there was another question emily chang wanted ask you.

When you picked up the iphone 5 c, the headlines were wondering if it was cheap enough.

Did it feel like a low-price product to you or a cheap product, as some would put it?

It felt like an iphone 5 with a plastic back.

It did not feel cheap at all.

They were able to put enough features and between the 5s and 5c. people will be fine with it.

If apple executives are sitting around the table thinking about the pricing for a product like that and think there is maybe a possibility that they can make the numbers what they want with the new device pricing and where they have decided to price it today, how does that play out?

When does apple start to say, that was the right way to go versus there's a lot of very low-priced devices in china and maybe we should have taken that next step?

Hard to say with the demand will be.

If we just use what they have done in the past as a roadmap, they lowered the price of the iphone 4 in the june quarter three quarters and and that was one of the products.

They started to play with some of the pricing at that point.

Do you think apple has left samsung with some inking to do after this big unveil today?

I'm sure samsung have a lot of thinking to and they're probably thinking more about i/o

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