Billionaire WhatsApp CEO Announces Free Phone Calls

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Feb. 24 (Bloomberg) -- European Business Correspondent Caroline Hyde reports on WhatsApp's plans to allow voice service on iPhones and Android devices. She speaks on Bloomberg Television's "Bloomberg Surveillance." (Source: Bloomberg)

Do they hang on every word that he is saying it?

There was a cheer when he came to the stage.

Everyone was so excited to hear from the man of the moment.

He is the new addition to the billionaires row.

He is a very humble guy overall.

My first question to him was it was born from his own personal of grain -- upbringing in the ukraine.

There is very little privacy in terms of phone calls.

It was hard to connect abroad.

He wanted to make it cheap and affordable.

He has four at 65 million users.

Woman look at this technology , it is very international.

Can they make whatsapp a domestic success in the united states?

Is very much pioneering the emerging markets.

They're doing very little television.

They are not going into any of the main television for grams in the u.k. or europe.

Their main focus is turkey and indonesia.

They want to grow their bases in the emerging markets.

That is really are focused on the moment.

They are continuing to grow.

Of course, they want the u.s. to be a big win as well.

I was really interesting was in the panel, he made this new announcement.

It is not just going to be messages.

It is going to be calls as well.

They're going to provide free phone calls via whatsapp.

That will be a maybe blow to mobile.

It would've the move is to data for mobile providers.

Yet another announcement.

To call it free is headline grabbing.

It is $.99 a year.

Is are some and criminal amount on top of the nine cents a year?

They say they're sticking to the point of $.99 a year.

He was very keen to tell me that nothing is going to change under facebook.

They will be the same.

They have just 50 employees.

They may get up to 150, but they will remain independent.

Thank you so much in barcelona.

It is a confab.

Is a confab of all sorts.

Mark zuckerberg is giving the keynote speech.

Why can't i get to barcelona?

Our guest us for the hour is

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