What YouTube Means for Google's Growth

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Sept. 27 (Bloomberg) -- Homebrew VC Partner Hunter Walk discusses the growth of YouTube with Emily Chang on Bloomberg Television's "Bloomberg West." (Source: Bloomberg)

The strategy after the company bought it before you to leaving him along.

Was it like for you in those early days?

It was like getting willy wonka's golden ticket.

You came into this place and you realize while at that time the public really thought of google as a search engine, that there were all these other projects be done.

Gmail had not been launched, google maps, they were being supported by the smartest engineers and the most advanced and -- technology at the time.

You knew at the time you had a golden ticket?

I do not care did not tell you much.

They decide trust us -- they just said, trust us.

Been youtube came along and you went to work at youtube.

At worst, they do not know what they were going to do with it, right?

I think the big commitment that the founder of youtube and the founders of google made was to not assimilate youtube.

It was not going to be, another building on google's campus.

And still in a separate space . is.

It needed to be a little bit separate to develop its own sense of self.

At one point did the pressure cannot make money go for a long time, youtube do not make money.

For the first few years, eric schmidt would come by and say just focus on user growth.

In about year three, he said i wanted you to focus on money.

How did you do that?

At the time, we had built up a tremendous amount of traffic, so we started to focus on the add product.

Making money and youtube was not about making money in the google pause's pocket, is about making money for the video makers.

You only recently left.

In your view, how has it changed?

When i started at google, it was very much a monoculture.

It hired one type of person.

Recently, google's head of hr says a lot of the messages they made about gpa's mattering at all these other hiring techniques actually did not correlate with the success that google.

One of the most recession -- refreshing changes is google is more diverse in terms of understanding different types of intelligence.

Artists, not just engineers.

Some things in terms of the big idea, the big mugshots, that has not changed.

Has not changed.

Youtube i think was an example of bringing one of the moon shots in-house.

Now you have sergey creating projects that 50 years ago would have been in research labs, but today are only coming out of google.

What do you think of google glass?

There is no doubt in my mind that i will have different devices over my body that are much smarter then they are today.

Would you wear those everyday?

Wife's first, situationally like people use go pro when they do extreme sports or an atwater you travel, but more and more one people figure out the use cases, we will have the smart devices.

What about the serious health company where looks like they're trying to cure death essentially?

I think the google hires great engineers, so improving the human condition, being a mission driven, and something that larry and sergey have always been motivated by kurt so so does not surprise me.

How confident are you that google's best days are ahead of its rather than behind it?

The last few years have told the story.

I'm a big i -- big believer in founder priority.

You have to look at larry the last two years, i think he has taken google by the collar, shook in, and said we have 100 years left to do amazing products -- project, let's do more things.

All right, hunter walk, i am sure you could talk about.

Now at homebrew, partner at

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