Iraq Crisis: Everything You Need to Know

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June 18 (Bloomberg) -- Bipartisan Policy Center Foreign Policy Director Blaise Misztal discusses the Iraq crisis on Bloomberg Television’s “Bloomberg Surveillance.” (Source: Bloomberg)

At the bipartisan policy institute joins us now along with his detailed notes on iraq.

What do i need to know right now?

What do i need to focus on?

Would you need to focus on is that this is not a stalemate.

He saw a rapid advances by the terrorist group.

We were catching a breath.

Now, it's not.

It is violence happening in the cities that sunnis and shiites take revenge against each other.

It has devolved into a civil war.

Would you suggest that secretary kerry or president obama has a somebody better to talk to?

I don't think so.

We are dealing with prime minister maliki.

You have the political factions within that group.

That does not make him any better a partner right now.

What the united states needs to do is reach out to the sunnis.

The narrative has to be that this is not a sectarian war.

This is an extremist group that is pursuing radical goals.

For those of us in the west, it is easy to understand that sony on one hand and shiite on the other.

There's something more subtle.

Sue me against sunni --sunn -- sunni against sunni.

You have seen a proxy battle for dominance within this sunni block.

They have all been jockeying for position.

If they have been supporting various groups in syria and around the region.

They have been sending money and arms, too.

You have seen battles within those groups as well.

I like how you link in the

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