What Would Mulally Lose If He Left Ford?

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Oct. 1 (Bloomberg) -- Microsoft directors have discussed CEO candidates including Ford’s Alan Mulally as they look for a successor to Steve Ballmer, according to people with knowledge of the matter. Cory Johnson reports on Bloomberg Television's "Bloomberg West." (Source: Bloomberg)

Alan mulally is as impressive as they come and some of the jobs he has done are the biggest in corporate america, putting him at the front of any list that he might want to be a board member of.

Two weeks ago he said he had no intention of leaving ford and he promised that he would stay until the end of 2014, but his name has been out there and we know that it is not just out there in the blogosphere, but that they are actively considering him as well as paul merritt, the guy who put together am where, the giant company that he did in seattle after leaving microsoft.

Why would malawi be good for the turnaround of a struggling technology company?

Boeing, he is largely credited with putting together the ballot for boeing, the fight against airbus.

He is a guy actually born here in oakland, california, went to m.i.t., university of california, president in 2006, he was there for a long time and, as i mentioned, given all the credit overseeing the triple seven program at knowing and then he went to ford, a company in sorry straits in 2006, taking on a lot of debt, judging $23 billion in debt at ford before the crash of 2008, saying we might need this in case of a recession, look like a genius, one of the only automakers not to take tarp money, which led to a receipt -- led to a resurgence of the company.

He has spent most of his life living in the seattle puget sound area and he is seen as a real hero there.

It is a risk.

What does he stand to lose at ford if he leaves?

Not just breaking his word, but i looked at the ford proxy and apparently he has about 15 million stock options in ford, $260 million worth.

We do not know the cost basis, but $250 million in stock is a lot of money.

A big tax bill, but a lot of money.

We will be watching this ceo

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