What Will We Learn From Apple's Earnings?

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Oct. 28 (Bloomberg) -- Independent Technology Analyst Charle Golvin previews Apple's earnings on Bloomberg Television's "Market Makers." (Source: Bloomberg)

Margins will be maintained at higher levels because there has been more demand for the 5s than the 5c. the second will be the guidance for the coming quarter.

Is the 5c going to sell well in emerging markets?

On the margin point, i would like to bring up a chart here.

What it shows is that apple typically faces of some gross margin headwinds in the corner of an iphone launch -- quarter of an iphone launch.

Typically, they pose better margins in the quarter after the release of an asp model iphone -- s model iphone.

My question to you is if gross margin does them in higher following the 5s launch, but dispel commoditization fears for apple?

Apple is focused on a different view of the market than many of their competitors, especially samsung, who heads a much broader product portfolio.

Apple still has strong belief in the premium segment of the market.

They still see a lot of growth there.

They don't want to undermine their premium brand positioning in the market.

The higher margins with this launch will indicate that there is more demand for the 5s than the new 5c, especially in emerging markets, where there is some resistance to the plastic casing and it is not perceived as high and as other products by apple.

There's also demand for a keypad.

We still use two devices, a blackberry and an apple.

-- iphone.

So many businesspeople continue to use 2 devices.

When it comes to innovation, how about innovating in that way?

There is a big demand.

A big demand for two devices?

A big demand for an iphone to have a legitimate keyboard option.

A physical keyboard.

I actually think that the market has moved on.

When you look at -- not to cite blackberry as a shining example -- when they launched their new products, they launched touchpad before they launched physical keyboard products because they realized that their customers had moved on.

He had voted with their thumbs, if you will, the touch interface is good enough for most of the work that people want to do.

Actually think that the physical keyboard is not going to be confined to the dustbins of history but it is a niche market.

Me, p ditty, -- p diddy, and martha stewart -- will it take a new innovation to revive the stop?

The current iterations are not really doing it.

I think expectations are overinflated.

When you look at what apple has done over the past decade, they have essentially completely revolutionized four different markets.

Music, telecommunications, computing, and retail.

The expectation that apple can do this every three years is really unrealistic.

Most companies do not change this money markets and their lifetime, let alone in such a short.

Of time.

-- a short keyword of time.

-- period of time.

The state of apple and their competitors is one of continued fast innovation, but nothing that jumps out and away you do things.

It is much more evolutionary, continued evolution of speed and processing -- speed in processing and graphics.

There is too much focus, in my opinion, in a way that these products are reviewed about the commute -- computing power, the metamemory.

What matters to consumers is can i do what i want to do quickly, efficiently?

Do i get joy from this?

Apple's customers vote with their dollars.

How about apple's investors?

Carl icahn has been very vocal about wanting the company to buy back shares.

In the days of steve jobs not so much, but we have seen the success david einhorn has had with influencing the company.

Will it happen?

I'm reluctant here because this is not my area of specialty.

My opinion based on what i have read and understand is that carl icahn is reaching quite a bit too far.

I think there are many smarter things that apple can do with its cash and returning value to its shareholders then taking out a loan and putting those dollars back in shareholder's pockets.

Shareholders want to see continued growth in the stock and it is not going to come from pulling the cash out.

It is going to come from doing smarter things with the cast.

Whether it is in new products like tv or wearables.

You are voting for more innovation unless financial.

When we come back, faulty assumptions.

Almost everything you think you know about the budget deficit, guess what, it is wrong.

We will talk with our man in washington.

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