What Will the iPhone 6 Look Like?

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May 13 (Bloomberg) -- BGR.com's Jonathan Geller and Bloomberg's Cory Johnson discuss BlackBerry releasing a new low-cost smartphone in Indonesia and preview the iPhone 6. They speak with Trish Regan on Bloomberg Television's "Street Smart." (Source: Bloomberg)

Did blackberry and a shot at gaining ground come it being a real competitor again based on the phone?

They don't. i do not think they'd do either.

If you look at this strategy, mary enterprise vocus.

That is what he is betting the company on.

-- mary enterprise focused.

-- very.

You are being polite.

You told me in the commercial you are a fan of the phone.

I am not.

I do not see the purpose of it.

You have no apps.

That experience, that software.

A company that may not be of round and a couple of years.

You do not have the cool factor.

It is not cool.

Talking about the not cool factor.

Stanley bing, and business humorous columnist on the show talking about the curriculum.

One of the first rules in there was do not use a blackberry because of what it says about you.

How does the company overcome the hurdle when so many people know it is not cool to use it?

I missed him on your show.

I will have to go to your show and check it out.

There is a hipster element.

The functionality continues to be the great appeal of the device.

Some people will never leave it and want to flock of that -- flock to that.

When you look at how the businesses work, what apple has figured out is that they are willing to let a lot of the market share go downstream.

You want to sell it to hundred dollar phone, go to town.

They want to keep the profit.

Because they have so much profit they can generate success in ways that blackberry cannot.

They need to sell units to stay relevant but there are not a lot of profits when you go further downstream.

Lex i want to move onto apple.

A lot of people waiting on the iphone six.

Highly anticipated.

What do you think we will see?

It has been leaked a lot.

It will be a lot thinner.

It will have a better case and camera.

New software.

Rex sounding a little like the samsung.


-- sounding a lot like the samsung.

Realizing they need a bigger screen.

I think it will be a variation of the six.

Of pro-or not or crs.

The six-ish.

I like that.

Cori, people are looking for something here, anything out of apple.

They just did the beats acquisition.

We have talked a lot about how unusual you could say that is for them to go after an already established brand, but in terms of the iphone six, how much pressure is on the company to really deliver?

They are set up to have a great success.

Iphone 4 and 4s our generations well over a year old.

About 40% of the market right now.

People are poised for an upgrade cycle.

We know iphone users tend to stick with them more than android users.

Certainly set up to be big.

We will see if they pull it off.

Cory johnson, jonathan

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