What Will Jack Dorsey Bring to Disney’s Board?

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Dec. 24 (Bloomberg) – Bloomberg’s Paul Sweeney discusses the nomination of Twitter’s Jack Dorsey to Disney’s board and how technology impacts the company. He speaks with Betty Liu on Bloomberg Television's "In The Loop." (Source: Bloomberg)

You want to get your hands on a hot toy, you are better off going to amazon.com . it turns out that even among the e-commerce giants, amazon.com is undercutting them on price.

100 and the top christmas toys have been tracked and on average, amazon.com for the top 100 toys undercut walmart.com by three percent and undercut target by four percent.

That is a big deal and it's important because these e- commerce giants used toys to lure customers as bait to by other things.

What about inventory?

The electronics and so forth?

They have to strike a careful balance.

They fill about half of these toys malaise carter and they want to sell out of their merchandise but they've got to keep the top toys on hand so they can keep luring the customers in.

Amazon.com is doing better than their rivals.

If you look at the numbers, on average, walmart.com was 50% out of stock on those items.

Amazon was only three percent.

The reason is because of their marketplace.

All of this has come at a cost to amazon?

Of course, amazon has been on a major spending spree and investing in warehouses around the country, trying to do everything they can to improve distribution and be able to ship as many items as possible.

That can hurt your margins.

Their earnings for the last quarter reported a loss of $17 billion of sales.

Target had about $17 billion worth of sales for the last quarter but they pulled in a profit of about $300 million.

They are trying to a market share.

All right, thank you.

Moving and shaking this hour is the twitter cofounder and chairman jack dorsey.

Disney just named him to their board.

The disney ceo says dorsey's perspective will be valuable since the company wants to use the latest technology to reach more people.

He holds a four percent stake in twitter.

He is worth $2.5 billion.

For more on his well, check out our exclusive billionaire index at bloomberg.com/billionaires.

Despite a third straight year of

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