What Will EBay's Earnings Tell Us?

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July 17 (Bloomberg) -- Cory Johnson previews EBay's earnings on Bloomberg Television's "Bloomberg West." (Source: Bloomberg)

You might get a little something.

Big earnings day to day and lots of information.

The reason we care is not the way the stock will react.

These are rare opportunities for us to really see what a business is doing without a lot of spin.

The ebay numbers that i will focus on besides the obvious ones will be the growth they have been users.

The user growth has been strong and they have shown active users growing every quarter on a sequential basis at a strong number.

Growing increases in the amount of users a little bit last quarter but that is something to keep an eye on.

Are they going to continue to celebrate the user growth?

Barring a 92 quadrillion dollars deficit.

What are we looking for for ibm?

We see falling revenues for the company.

They say it is not that improbable because -- in part because they are getting more profit.

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