What Will Warren Buffett Do With $50B in Cash?

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Aug. 4 (Bloomberg) -- Bloomberg’s Noah Buhayar reports on the $50 billion in cash available at the Omaha, Nebraska-based Berkshire Hathaway Inc. Bank of America Merrill Lynch Portfolio Strategy CIO Mary Ann Bartels and Davidowitz & Associates Chairman and Founder Howard Davidowitz also speak on “Bloomberg Surveillance.” (Source: Bloomberg)

Warren buffett has so much dry powder -- $50 billion sounds like a lot.

Put it into context for us.

It is really just about 10% of berkshire's assets.

Warren buffett has been buying railroads, electric utilities.

That has expanded the size of the balance sheet.

It has expanded the earnings power of berkshire.

Every quarter, berkshire hathaway is generating a lot of money.

Buffett waits for the fat pitch.

He wants a really good investment.

When he is going to buy a company or invest in a stock, he wants to make sure he is getting in at a good price.

What we have seen recently is that cash number really just climbing at his company.

$50 billion is an all-time high on an absolute basis.

After the last financial crisis, he saw a lot of fat pitches.

He invested in goldman sachs, bank of america.

What is he saying in terms of the prospect for another correction?

What does he say about stock market valuations?

We got these numbers late on friday.

Berkshire reported earnings.

For berkshire, that is just a press release.

We get a lot of data, but we don't have commentary from buffett.

We are left to speculate about what he is thinking about right now.

What is his skill set of saying no to a deal?

How does warren buffett say no to a potential transaction?

I think he does it with the grace and humor -- he gets at the ukulele and start singing a song?

Clearly, he has no problem saying no.

Some of the people are trying to get him interested in investments.

-- so many people are trying to get him interested in investments.

The you see any fat pitches out there -- do you see any fat pitches out there?

We are we are very bullish on the m&a stock.

Is the confidence there in retail, mary ann bartels -- howard davidowitz?

People cannot compete.

We have a tremendous number of bankruptcies, closed-door is, and everything else.

Retail is not strong.

Consumerism is strong.

He hates retail.

It is 2% of the business.

He hates it.

He says it is trouble.


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