What Will be the Must Have Gadgets for 2014?

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Dec. 27 (Bloomberg) –- Chegg President & CEO Dan Rosensweig and Engadget Senior Editor Brian Heater discuss what they think will be the top 5 tech gadgets for 2014 with Jon Erlichman on Bloomberg Television’s “Bloomberg West.” (Source: Bloomberg)

Your number five.

Tell us why.

I think they are ready.

The percentage gdp that is spent on learning is huge in this country.

15% of all of our -- everybody in this country is in higher education.

Parents are going to start using their dollars toward told that help their kids to learn math and science and other things.

If you look at what just happened in the last month, or all of those hours of free cod ing time -- there will be a push to give their kids something of value.

This is stuff that you know very well.

Brian, i would love to get your reaction before we get to your number five.

We have seen -- it is really stunning.

We're seeing a lot of interesting initiatives in schools.

Code.org has been huge.

We're teaching kids new coding.

We're seeing them reframe the way that they do education based around these devices.


we're going to move on.

Brian's number five is google class.

It was kind of a 2013 thing.

We may see more adoption in 2014. why is this on your list?

This is really only the beginning of this device.

Everybody that we have seen our developers or reviewers.

To actually get these things onto people's faces and get developers really excited to see what sort of third-party they could create, this will continue to be huge.

They will be huge in the next couple of years.

Google glass is leading the way.

Dan rosensweig, are you a google class guy?

I am not.

The next three or four years will be an enormous market for it.

It will be more of a professional market first.

People who spend all of their lives in front of a screen.

They will ultimately use it.

It is a consumer product.

A small group of people will think it is cool.

As a new yorker, it is a challenge.

Let's get to dance summer for.

-- dance number four.

-- dan's number four.

Snap chat.

You think the theme continues in 2014. i think there is a lot of underground apps that people are using.

My theme is less the gadget and more what people will use.

I have seen some really cool snap chat wannabes whom i go past it.

They will do videos and text.

I think there will be a lot of usage and conversations.

Particularly ones that are not stored.

Brian, you could make an argument to one of the big tex stories of this year was snap chat saying thanks but no thanks to facebook.

Would you agree?

It was absolutely huge.

That was a tremendous amount of money.

Everyone at google was shocked.

At the same time, i would've taken the money and run.

I guess it is important to stay in charge of your company and actually be able to manage what the company is doing.

In the future, we will see a lot of sites like instagram and facebook and twitter that are utilizing that ephemeral capability.

Brian, your number four gadget for 2014 list -- you have a gaming theme.


Tell us about it.

This really feels like a virtual reality that we have all been waiting for.

I did not really believe it until i had a chance to play around with it.

We have seen various builds over the past year.

It is really incredible the technology that is finally coming home and they are really doing it a fantastic way.

You can see it all around you as you are moving around.

This is the immersed it gaming experience that everyone has been waiting for.

Dan, i know you know a lot about gaming.

Your number three is back on the education subject.


A big gadget theme.

Your number three is tablets in high schools.

I wish they were going to college is faster.

The reality is that higher education -- the professor gets to determine what they teach and how they teach it.

High schools are more rapidly jumping on the bandwagon.

We need to get these kids skills to get jobs.

Outcomes are a much bigger deal.

Interactive learning and the ability to teach individually.

The ability to teach multiple leg which is without knowing multiple languages.

You see this technology being brought in.

You will see two kinds.

Subsidized and -- people spend money on new technology.

You will see a combination of subsidized and people using their own.

There is no doubt that high schools will push it faster.

A lot of great ideas.

Brian, back to you with your number three.

Hp makes its way into the conversation.

You lead motion devices.

Tell us about that.

Elite motion made its way into the conversation.

This is one of the early companies.

They have already come out with a product.

We're talking about all-in-one laptops.

This is a completely different way of interacting with your computer.

This is about as close as you can get to touch.

It is fully gesture-based.

You can swipe around and control of your hands.

I do not think we will see the end of the mouse anytime soon, but it is nice to think that we're kind of heading that traction.

All right, stick around.

We will have more gadget talk.

The top one and two picks for 2014 are coming up here on bloomberg west.

? i want get back to our special series.

The top five.

We're counting down the top five gadgets.

Doing a little forecasting.

Here again are dan rosensweig and in new york, brian heater.

Dan, let's go to your number two.

It is the tesla x. this is kind of their suv, minivan blend.

It will hit the market in 2014. teslas on your list.

It turns out to be.

They have to be on your list and senate -- silicon valley.

That is what everyone is driving.

The brilliance of the engineering and the design and the experience.

The ability to fix the cars and improve the cars and give them longer life over the years.

Somebody has figured out a way to take the beauty and experience in technology and blended together there's nobody else doing what he is doing.

It is probably the hardware that i love.

It is gorgeous.

There's a more family-friendly model.

Will that open up the market on who they target?

The first one is a very small segment.

The second was a sudan.

It competed in the luxury market.

His vision to make them more family-friendly and less than $30,000 is something that i inc.

Is scale he can achieve.

This is the next step.

Brian, your number two tech gadget -- we will see if that happens.

You are saying the apple smart watch.

We're speculating here.

These are the top gadgets of 2014. the smart watch is definitely going to be a huge segment.

We will see a lot of companies make a big push their.

We have already seen samsung and sony and microsoft in the game at one point.

Couples are pretty popular in a small segment of the population.

Nobody has done it quite right.

I have not given us that super compelling reason to wear one.

I do not think anybody has made a really beautiful device.

If one company is capable of doing both of those things, it is apple.

Staying with the wrist, your number one is jawbone.

What they are doing in terms of combining elegance with quality and low prices -- what they're doing is allowing you to get more out of the things you already own or have.

I'm a big fan of sharing.

There are speakers and sound that project video.

People who have netflix or other content are getting more value out of it.

Particularly the things that they're doing in the health category.

They're focused on getting more out of your body.

You are able to learn things about yourself and do things with it.

I think that the big trend will be how to get more value out of what you have as opposed to spending more money on something that does the same thing you already do.

Before we go, brian, your number one pick in what has been a very hot category in 2013 and likely will continue.

3-d prints.

Tell us what your thoughts are.

There are a ton of companies out there and a lot of startups.

They have gotten into the consumer space.

Prices will continue to come down.

These will become more user-friendly.

We're seeing a lot of scanners.

It will be easier for people to get the 3-d objects to print out.

2014 might be the year that he's really hit mainstream acceptance.

Certainly in the next couple of years.

It is pretty amazing technology.

Brian heater, thank you for sharing your list.

Dan rosensweig, if we could make

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