Go Public: Lessons From the Twitter IPO

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Feb. 5 (Bloomberg) -- Rett Wallace, founder & CEO at Triton Research, examines Twitter’s move to being a public company ahead of its first earnings report later today on Bloomberg Television’s “Bloomberg Surveillance.”

Bloomberg surveillance on the twitter ipo.

What have you learned about the company cents?

Goldman sachs did fabulous work for the company.

They undersold the story.

Pricing at $26, opening up $45, and hanging right in their.

Goldman set the tone for how to do this correctly.

Company goes out of the airlock from the private market to the public market with the ipo -- which went well.

Research went right.

The stock continued to go up.

Now we have the first earnings report, along with several others.

In the future, we have the lockups coming off.

That will be full process of the company moving from private to public.

Within your experience of the game of bringing a private company out to a public company, how much will the twitter executives be coached a goldman sachs today as they have their first conference call?

It is like the planetary scientists looking at the stars wobble to know a planet is there.

You have to make no mistakes.

That cannot be an accident.

These guys of them brought along very effectively.

All they have to do is make money from here on out.

It's this not going to be trading at the same level tomorrow morning?

We will see.

No unforced errors.

You have to survive the earnings report.

We think this company looks a lot like pandora and yelp and other companies like that -- they are all announcing simultaneously tonight.

We will get a robust set all at one time.

What do you think about some of the ad products from twitter?

They will have to release and sell a great deal of new products to justify the stock price.

Have any of the changes impressed you?

Do you think will they will drive monetization?

We will sue the numbers now.

What we would like to see is more penetration into the advertiser base.

Very good product development.

They spend a lot of money on research and development.

I know you do not like to compare them to facebook, but unlike the others, is this a natural subscriber limit -- is it going to be not cool anymore?

Super interesting question.

Minor only interesting?

Super interesting?

[laughter] i am in trouble now.

It is still not that big compared to facebook.

To reach maturity at a low over level -- it is not a mass-market product.

Show what you brought.

You brought all these ipos.

These other ones here.

For those of you on radio, rett wallace is the only one who shows up a 300 pages of documentation on ipos.

This thing has been a home run, right?

They killed it.

You only have 140 characters left.


I think it is pretty cool.

This is what good execution is.

Rett wallace with us here.

Our twitter question of the day -- how should twitter make money?

Good morning.

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