What Was It Like to Be an Early Googler?

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Sept. 27 (Bloomberg) -- Georges Harik, one of Google's first employees, and Craig Walker, the first entrepreneur in residence at Google Ventures, discuss the early days of Google. They speak with Emily Chang on Bloomberg Television's "Bloomberg West." (Source: Bloomberg)

Uber conference.

I was at graphics, doing data analysis.

I thought instead of selling software, maybe we could target advertisement to search engines and do that billions of times a day.

Did larry come after you personally?

I pitched it to my company.

I figured i would go spearfishing.

I would go vacation in the middle east and my part -- my parents would pay with it.

I got a call from a friend who said a friend of mine in starting a company.

You want to join them?

That is possibly the worst pitch i've ever heard.

I had read an an article about it.

There were a couple of articles about them in the press.

Larry reached out to me.

He said do you want an interview with us?

I decided i would try to interview so i could pitch the company and the go spearfishing.

For with a year you soldier company?

2007. to yahoo -- you sold companies to yahoo.

How did they core you?

It was an entirely different courtship.

It was a big -- yahoo was a big and middle management.

You never saw the ceo.

The negotiation process was very adversarial.

When we left to start grand central, google wanted to talk.

It was entirely different.

It was collaborative.

He wanted me to be successful.

It feels like a startup.

Once you got in, 2007, it had been around for a while.

It fell like a startup.

Didn't they come and meet with you?

That was the thing.

When we did product reviews, we would do them.

They would be there.

You would present to some middle management who would present to some higher-level metal management.

I'm sure it has changed since marissa is in charge.

We were speaking with someone about the hiring of marissa mayer.

People have come out of google though gone on to amazing things.

You were there.

I was one of the people who was interviewing her.

She was trying to decide between companies.

I try to give her a version of the sugar water speech.

You want to come here and change the world?

That was one of the things that influenced her to come to google.

We were going to change the world.

What did you see in her?

She seemed smart.

She was a software engineer.

We were interested in gaining a balance of women in engineering.

That was important.

We wanted to recruit her.

To be on this, try to recruit everybody that way.

This was the opportunity of a lifetime for everyone that i talked to.

I spoke with hunter walk.

He had no idea the company was so secretive.

You didn't find out until you got inside.

Speaking of google as it is gotten bigger, to larry and sergey meet with you?

Do you still have these meetings with people below them?

Likes they are still very involved in the product side.

It was -- let's be clear.

I did not come call on us.

We wanted to do these products features.

It was then we were pitching to.

You are still in touch with them.

How does google avoid being a legacy company?

There is a ways attention between being focused and being innovative.

You have to balance and a right way.

When you are too focused to end up improving your current businesses.

When you're too innovative you in that distributing your work.

Google has been accused of that.

I think larry has been doing an excellent job of focusing areas of innovation that can make a difference in the world.

Focusing on self driving cars.

Working in google glass.

And the california life company.

Are these things going anywhere?

I think so.

They're going to make a big difference.

You have to look at how many people this can impact.

Think of the time you spend driving.

That is why it is a big impact.

What i think they have also done by focusing on these projects and not spreading their current list of projects thinly, he is improving many things about the company.

They put a lot of effort in.

I'm a huge admirer of his.

I am very excited to hear when he was the ceo of the company again.

Thank you for joining us.

And getting that nostalgia about

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