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March 28 (Bloomberg) -- JPMorgan Private Bank Equity Portfolio Manager Jack Caffrey previews today's markets and discusses his investment ideas with Trish Regan on Bloomberg Television's "In The Loop." (Source: Bloomberg)

Cost-cutting measures.

The ceo focusing on making it a smaller profitable maker.

Vivek wadhwa said blackberry is toast.

Here we are at the open.

For more, let's bring he is keeping an eye on earnings.

It is looking for signs that economic growth is sustainable.

Up really?

Is it going to be sustainable question mark that is the question.

Everybody is looking for things to get better.

There was sense to shovel out your driveway and not spend any money.

There was an opportunity there for a bounce back.

Gdp should bounce.

Is it just payback for sales he would've done the first quarter?

Are incomes improving?

Consumers are feeling better and we can continue that into the third and fourth quarters.

The market has been on such a tear, it is amazing.

There is fear that the market has gotten ahead of itself in terms of where the economy is very typically, markets are ahead six to nine months.

This market has anticipated.

I don't think it has anticipated too much.

If you were paying 16 or 17 times earnings, you would think that things had gotten out of itself.

To some extent, companies will get a bit of a pass if things are bumpier.

This would be because of the weather.

It is a great excuse.

We can always blame it.

It is coming.

April will be right around the corner and it will get warmer.

People will start buying more houses and buying cars again.

We will get that payback.

The expectation is it is not going to bill -- be until 2015. the issue with the fed is they've been consistent with we are your friend and do not fight us.

We are now at data independent.

For the last two years as investors, we have been at data dependent.

The fed is data dependent.

If they don't get growth, they will be tapered at that point.

He will not be moving to raise rates.

What are you looking at now?

As he began of this quarter, the ideas that they are not growing very quickly.

We are largely ignored because there were too much emerging-market exposure.

The population growth is not that dramatic.

New customers are being created in the emerging markets.

I like the emerging-market exposure.

They are rebalancing award -- away from fixed investment.

The economies are slowing but the consumers are getting paid more.

Those are longer-term trends that might not be driven by whether you build another glass tower.

We were talking about caesar's, you like the casino?

We started talking about the markets anticipated.

They had a fantastic year last year.

We are having a nice beginning to this year.

They had an unpleasantly painful march.

I do think some of that could be weather.

Some of them are also seen as emerging markets.

The growth has been in singapore.

They do the revenues of las vegas.

It is growing like gangbusters over there.

When you look at the u.s., it is cannibalizing itself.

It seems as though state after state is legalizing this.

You have this constant tension.

The casino down the street is drying traffic as opposed to the casino in atlantic city or las vegas.

It is tricky.

If you look at the parts where

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