What to Watch for in Tesla’s Fourth-Quarter Results

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Feb. 19 (Bloomberg) -- Bloomberg Businessweek’s Ashlee Vance previews quarterly results from Tesla Motors on Bloomberg Television’s “Bloomberg West.”

Are they shipping enough cars.

Are they?

A surprise update already saying they would shift -- shipped 5900 of their model.

That was about 6000. things are headed to the right direction.

The question is if this will last the whole year.

What about supply to meet the demand?

I know that has been talk meeting the at -- well, they have done a hundred cars a week if lucky and then they got up to about 500 and hundred.

I think the goal for this year would be to get up to like a thousand a week.

If they could hit those numbers, they would be able to kick -- keep up.

Qwest what about fires.

We recently heard about another in toronto, a car that was not run a. plug-in in a garage.

That sounds scary.

Qwest they have gone through a little blip.

Less we are looking at one of those last year.

Qwest canada was different because we are not sure what happened.

Tesla said -- it was not charging.

It is not clear what it was.

Hasn't set any impact on sales?

It does not need to have an impact on those words.


Tesla hit a record high that day.

All things considered, the number of gasoline cars catch on fire as well.

It is part of being in the car business.

You obviously do not want it to happen.


What about the battery factory, a factory that makes more lithium-ion batteries than any in the world.


They have thousands of the same batteries you have the laptop.

Now with the demand, customers are consuming so many battery -- is a huge chunk of the world's supply.

Beating of talk, what about apple buying tesla?

Recently, there have been reports they actually met?

I have trouble believing it.

We know the ceo of tesla met with apple.

I'm sure these are pretty regular meetings.

You on does not mean -- need the money.

He is on a mission.

His great fear is if he sells to anyone, they would not keep pushing the limits with technology.

Google is an interesting one.

Larry page and elon musk are close.

I do not really thinking on -- he is not the kind of guy looking to cash out.

He has plenty of money but google would be a more attractive partner.

Could receive partnership?


Yes, you could see them working on cheaper version of that.

Definitely, they are so those we see android getting and cards now.

It does not seem that far off.

Thank you.

We will speak with elon musk on

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