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Jan. 27 (Bloomberg) -- Brian White, global head of technology hardware research at Cantor Fitzgerald, previews first-quarter results for Apple, expected later today after the bell on Bloomberg Television’s “Bloomberg West.” White and his family do not own Apple shares, but his firm owns more than one percent of stock in the company.


We feel pretty -- comfortable with our numbers.

I think it will be a strong quarter.

The profit cycle will turn positive this quarter.

It sounds like it could be the first profit in more than one year.

Apple has no new products coming that we know up.

How big of a problem is that?

I think that fiscal 14, we have characterized as the year of innovation.

There will be an iwatch and bigger iphones.

We will have an ipad pro.

There is a lot in the pipeline.

This is been a home run.

We will see this and the results tonight.

The ipod air has done very well.

Cory, will we be looking at?

There will be the expectation of profit growth.

We have not seen i'm quite some time.

There is the expectation of that.

One thing is to try to tweeze out what we can of success from china mobile.

Some subscribers already had iphones.

Most of them are prepaid.

They're not likely to be iphone customers.

In the post business, it will be interesting to see what fraction -- traction they got.

It will also be interesting to look at the ipad business.

That did not grow at all year-over-year in the last order.

We might expect some growth with a new device as well.

I will be an interesting one to see.

Brian, what are you seeing.

Let's start with china.

What are you staying in terms of numbers?

Now the iphone is officially available through china mobile.

This will be something that ramps over time.

Remember that they have 35 to 40 million iphone users on the china mobile network.

They are primarily using two g. we think that 24 million iphone users could be sold into this year.

I will be a process.

A bigger iphone will be important.

We will see that the second half of the year.

You are figuring what percentage prepaid?

My back was one percent prepaid and 15% postpaid gives you 22.5 million sold.

It is about that.

The most important point is they have a massive base.

However they got there, whether prepaid or postpaid, they have a big base.

There is a huge appetite for a bigger iphone.

We would not see that right away, that they second half of the year.

That will be interesting.

The four g network will rim bigger as well.

It is clear that there is an appetite for a bigger iphone.

Is apple going to give us a bigger iphone?

There have been reports of that, but you say 2014 will be the year of innovation.

We have heard the opposite.

There will be no new product categories from apple this year.

We are seeing companies like google buying up the hot companies.

We think there will be an iwatch in 2014. we said we are confident.

There will be two new iphone sizes this year.

4.7 inch and 5.5 inch.

Keep the four and.

Three sizes this year.

Cory, how would you say the pressure is on apple?

Yes, i think there is a little bit of pressure.

Frankly, the stock price does actually weigh on the employees of the company.

You have people there who have been working there for a number of years.

There is significant stock appreciation.

People go to work in silicon valley for lower salaries than they make it elsewhere in the hope that a stock price appreciation will somehow make up for that.

When you pull into the parking lot in their subaru when everyone is driving a bmw, that will start to tick you off.

How worried are you, brian?

There has not been a lot of ipad growth.

If apple does not come out with new products or services, howl concerned are you?

Cory is dead right.

People do not say that enough.

Emily will never say that.

It is -- this ipad cycle the foldout.

We had an unusual launch.

It was march 2012. a late 2012 -- november 2012 when the mini ipad came out.

We did not have a lot for a while.

Then we had ipad air.

It only weighs one pound.

The ipad mini was refurbished as well.

This was a big upgrade cycle.

I feel it.

They are very excited with what they are saying with tablets.

I feel that is driven by apple.

I am curious with what will happen with the growth of ipad.

We know the tablets came out.

Will this backup new technology?

Cell phones grow faster, the notebooks.

We see smartphones, then cell

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