What to Watch for Ahead of Twitter’s IPO

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Oct.3 (Bloomberg) -- Kamran Ansari, senior associate at Greycroft Partners, examines revenue projections for Twitter ahead of its IPO and expectations for the appetite for Twitter shares. He speaks on Bloomberg Television’s “Bloomberg Surveillance.”

Is that the key metric to watch here?

I think that is the wall street metric or certainly one to watch.

But i think the people should look for one, growth, two is monthly active users, daily active users, those are the big areas.

Is the goal to beat facebook?

I think that is an unfair and unflattering comparison for any social network.

They spoke, the scale is tremendous, over 1.1 billion monthly active users, generally defined as somebody's logs into the site at lease once a month.

Twitter has two or 3 -- 200 million or 300 million.

Everyone was looking at the risks of that facebook had to fight.

But they didn't cite mobile as a glowing platform in their ability to monetize it.

That turned out to be a significant risk.

What do you expect from twitter?

What facebook showed in its more recent quarter is i think they were doing 30% revenue for local, now around 40% revenue for mobile.

Twitter i don't think we'll have the same concerns going into the ipo because over half of twitter's traffic is mobile anyway.

So we expect 40%, 50% of the revenue should already be mobile.

You are one of the happiest guys in the island of manhattan.

You did your transaction, braintree, paypal, i was stunned at that transaction.

It is about that appetite to buy something.

Paypal wanted to buy braintree.

What if the appetite for twitter?

Is it a frenzy to get twitter shares?

I think it is going to be.

It is the biggest highflying ipo since facebook came out.

After twitter comes out, i think it will be a little while for the next top companies, uber, air b&b, dropbox, i think this will be the big one for a while.

What is the knock against twitter?

What could go wrong here?

I think the revenue will be relatively low.

Close to $500 million, which is substantially less than facebook , which will make $8 billion this year.

There is a little but of a cultural backlash against social network.

A writer says that silicon valley late this of open to satire.

What the social and networks really do is try to build business but they say that they are trying to liberate individuals from main or for fill their natural desires to share.

Does that create problems for the ipo going forward and for other companies that follow twitter's footsteps?

Some company has sharing even deeper than on twitter, so i think that -- i mean, that is certainly a great commentary.

And do you care what the executive -- how much stake they have in this company?

Because we are going to get that to any filing.

We are going to get a lot.

What did not go well for facebook, which they are selling.

How much of the company is really being offered.

Facebook toward the end upped the shares it was selling, which flooded the market and made the price drop.

I think that will be a key metric of how much is being sold and who is selling.

People like us who invested twitter.

Bart chilton from the cftc with us as well.

This is outside your prove you -- your purview, but this is the animals.

Your how do we not lose this?

-- animal spirit we need.

Had we not lose this?

Not physically to one form or another, but the thing like a government shutdown, the thing like the debt ceiling crisis coming up, anything about not over regulating but having appropriate regulation are all conducive to a great business environment.

We are starting to see a lot of change.

The deficit is down.

Some of the numbers are looking good.

Just at this time, we are pulling the government shutdown, and the debt ceiling crisis, so it is a bit of a concern not just for individual firms but for the economy in general.

What would you recommend to twitter in their roadshow besides nobody were hoodies?

What is your advice to go to

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