What to Spend on Valentine's Day

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Feb. 14 (Bloomberg) -- On today's "Agenda," Tom Keene, Scarlet Fu and Adam Johnson look at trending news stories on Bloomberg Television's "Bloomberg Surveillance." (Source: Bloomberg)

Joseph a bank.

That is the deal.

Joseph a bank, if you recall, made a bid for men's wearhouse and men's wearhouse made a bit footages of a bank and now joseph a bank says we are going for eddie bauer.

What is curious about the deal, with all the news, joseph a. bank is reiterating the numbers, actually below the analyst consensus estimates.

So, if you're looking for some kind of wonderful accretive deal helping joseph a. bank make money, burt flickinger, it does not appear this is it.

To tom's point this valentine's day, eddie bauer is the bad bridesmaid in terms of the business deal.

On my agenda, i have to go back to frank underwood or claire underwood -- "house of cards" made its second season debut this morning, and if he actually got up early like phil mattingly did, he watched one episode already.

This is a big deal for netflix of course because original content is the direction it needs to move in because it pays so much to all the other content producers for the content five years at a time before it expires.

You really think -- i have not watched it.

Seriously, tom, of all the series, downton abbey, oranges the new black, this is my favorite.

You can speed through it in your limited time off and get it done in a day.

It is valentine's day.

We make jokes about it but it is a lot of fun.

And i would point out particularly for kids, my favorite valentine's day of the day was one of the offspring of one stephanie ruhle who was out on social media and he looked so proud of his handmade valentine by the girl down the street.

Stephanie ruhle needs to curb our offspring.

They are already out there swooning women.

Boys will be boys, tom.

And you will be out there doing some of that yourself a little bit.

Nope, nope.

We asked everyone on this valentine's day, what are you spending this february 14? some answers here -- a good husband.

Good over -- get over it.

That guy is going home alone.

Time and effort, a good answer.

Little bit noncommittal.

National retail federation is reporting that 46% of people and not spending and of the spending, 21% for teachers and almost 20% are for the pets.

Teachers and pets.

Valentine's day present.

It bodes well for -- lovely to have you here particularly with the joseph a bank merger with eddie bauer as well.

Never boring.

Never boring.

Men's wearhouse shares are down,

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