Why South by Southwest Festival Matters

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March 4 (Bloomberg) -- Gay Gaddis, CEO of T3, and Ben Gaddis, chief innovation officer, discuss what they're looking forward to at the 2014 South by Southwest Interactive Festival. They speak with Pimm Fox on Bloomberg Television's "Taking Stock." (Source: Bloomberg)


He is the chief innovation officer of the ad agency t3. thank you for being here.

Do you remember the first time that you went to the sxsw conference?

It was kind of small and we were really quite sure what it was about.

It started off as a music venue and that was where everyone went to see where the new bands might be.

It evolved into film and them before we knew it, there was this whole thing around the internet and the tech crowd started showing up.

You have 30,000 to 35,000 expected toto attend.

What kinds of things are you doing expecting to learn when you go to that event?

Is always been a learning environment that i think the egg is part about it is meeting the people.

35,000 people who are early adopters.

They are entrepreneurs and converge in this little funny place that is called austin, texas.

It has become the place to meet people.

One of the companies you will be looking for is atlas.

This is about wearable technology?

It is a big part of what is going on now.

It is the buzz everywhere.

Atals is a great company because it really fits into the health category where we are trying to measure all of these things going on in our bodies and become more fit.

So you take all this information about your exercise program and then you create graphs and you can track your progress, right?

You can measured against your friends?

Really get into better shape.

It is amazing how this company has such an amazing run and raised half $1 million already.

23 and me.

This is a different kind of investigation and health.

Tell us about it.

They do dna testing.

You mail it in and they could tell you a lot of things about your dna.

You can learn where you came from, what diseases you may or may not have.

I am most interested in their ceo giving a talk.

They had a lot of regulatory issues.

We are looking for to seeing what they have to say about that.

I noted that last year uber, which is the application for taxi rides.

They were very big presence in sxsw last year.

One company i want you to tell us about his radioshack.

It doesn't sound like a sxsw story but i note you have been doing a lot of work for major corporations whether it is electronics companies, what you think about the future of radioshack?

They missed the mark -- today consumers want to buy things immediately.

They want to do it online.

They like to look at the reviews.

One word that is but the roadblock out is amazon.

Everyone is able to overnight what they want.

You go online and you check it out.

You think there is a future for radioshack?

It is going to be tough.

The biggest challenges who is the consumer?

Used to be these hobbyist technologists.

A lot of these are moving to

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