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Sept. 9 (Bloomberg) -- Bloomberg Contributing Editor Paul Kedrosky looks at what we can expect from tomorrow's Apple event and whether the company still has the ability to surprise consumers with their products. He speaks on Bloomberg Television's "Bloomberg Surveillance."

Let's discuss the trend -- changing dynamic of apple.

What we look for tomorrow?

Quite honestly, i don't think there'll be any surprises tomorrow, but i think the only thing that would matter would be a somehow apple has retained the capacity to surprise us with anything.

What is more interesting at this point is really whether or not apple has enough control over its supply chain in its design engineering that it can still produce products and surprise us i don't think -- do they have to be safe?

Are they so don't nominate -- so dominant, and profitable, they're on the edge of innovation or is it about protecting the franchise?

In the business where apple operates, which is this where ejector section of technology and leisure products, you really have to retain this capacity for surprise.

It is about saying, we have a design sense, this is the direction we need to be going, and people who are sort of murky research-driven like samsung will never figure this out in time.

That is the advantage.

It is not clear that is what apple is doing anymore.

I don't see you with the gold iphone.

I see sara with a gold iphone.

I'm excited.

I don't see paul.

Whether it is a champagne or gold iphone, hall, apple will be hosting a smaller event at cupertino rather than san francisco.

Does this matter for consumers or matter for investors?

This is a company that is negotiating with activist investors in a way that steve jobs never would have.

I think that is important and really important because it says this is a highly tactical series of releases.

These releases are in response to what the market has declared to be holes in apple's product line, not saying we're going to change the rules by which we can keep in the smartphone marketplace.

Sort of the heck with you sam sun.

This is being played.

Having tim cook on top of apple, he values this up right chain so much that even when leeks come out of it, you doesn't say, you're out.

Which is what steve jobs would have done.

Instead, he alluded to leeks are much -- more or less ignored.

That tells you these kinds of releases are increasingly tactical and not strategic.

Another leak that came out of the supply chain, is where those new iphones are going.

Reporting they're going to china mobile, which is the big kahuna when it comes to the chinese subscribers, 700 million of them him away more than anything in the united states.

How much of a game changer could business for apple?

This is a bizarro moment in the last quarterly call when cook was talking about the weakness they were saying, dow 3% on units in china.

By the way, i have no idea why, which is pretty remarkable concession for the ceo of a major public company in the largest parfum market in the world to not know why your units for contracting.

They have to do something like this because apple's products are perfectly suited to the chinese market because they were aspirational luxury branded products, kind of the prada a smartphones.

Rebounded 400 up to 500. everybody is dumaine gloom on apple.

Here's what we like.

Scarlet just got back where she saw samsung, samsung, samsung in asia.

Could agree with your knowledge, can apple compete on that emotional point in asia?


People are entirely missing the point.

Apple is the branded halo product to people by not just because it satisfies some the they have her communication, but because it says something about them, but the kind of person they are -- even in asia?

Even in asia.

This has become very clear -- like htc or samsung.

And these are all seen as the stuff that everybody buys.

This is not a halo britta product.

Luxury products have done an increasingly and do well in china.

Apple missed the boat by not having this product array that samsung has.

That is coming now.

Take you so much.

Greatly appreciate that.

Our guest host this hour, very, very quickly.

This is about the innovation of america, isn't it?

Lines out the door again.

I think people will be interested in, why should i upgrade?

What are the apps that will be on this?

How does it change the speed?

I'm not going to change for change.

I got to go, my phone is wearing out.

Because they're coming out with gold.

That is so you.

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