What to Expect From the May U.S. Jobs Report

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June 5 (Bloomberg) -- Credit Suisse's Ira Jersey, Nomura's Jens Nordvig and Encima Global's David Malpass preview the May U.S. jobs report scheduled to be released tomorrow. They speak with Trish Regan and Matt Miller on Bloomberg Television's "Street Smart." (Source: Bloomberg)

Bloomberg economists on average are looking for about 216,000 jobs being added to the economy.

Is that enough to suggest that the economy is unstable footing?

They have been pushing towards a better trend in growth.

This will paint a very different picture.

This will eventually start to move in true straits as well.

The mix of borrowing is changing the u.s.. it has been apple, for example, people buying condos in new york.

There are very few jobs that come out of that kind of borrowing.

Since the first of the year, we are seeing it in bank lending and industrial loans.

The type of loans you are talking about that in the graphically will actually help jobs, those are finally picking up.

I am worried if it is 170 5000, 200 25,000, i want the number to be better than zero.

We need wage inflation.

That is what we need.

It will take a little while.

You don't think we will get any?

I'm not confident.

I think you have to have small businesses getting some credit.

Is this because you think that the fed policy is fundamentally flawed?

It is clear in the data and they just stopped in january.

Let's go beyond that.

It is what we see coming out in washington.

This is how we see regulators overreacting.

When you talk to bill dunkelberg about what businesses are unhappy about, they are still not entirely convinced that they can see the future clearly and if they don't have good visibility, they will not go out and borrow money and they will not go out and hire people.

You don't know what the revelatory environment is going to be like.

How do you expand your business in an environment where you're not sure what the regulations are.

Should we blame washington?

You have a fed that is doing everything it can to get this economy back on track.

Is that really the story we should be blaming washington?

People wearing, but overall confidence will show that people are worrying less.

We are moving in the right direction.

Most indicators are coming up from a lower level.

If the lending growth is going out, as you are saying, if cap x is down, we can look at the three percent trend growth.

What helps is getting the first rate hike done.

Until we get it done, everybody will worry about it.

When bernanke said paper, everybody panicked.

When do you think it will come?

Trish has been saying this for probably a year and there is wisdom to the fact that if you're out there looking for a house but you are on the fence and you think the fed will not raise rates any way for another year, no big deal.

If you see them starting to move.

If my mortgage banker says, you had better lock this down.

We are all about deadlines and procrastination.

If there is no reason to foul this.

The human psychology.

Of course, this is not the consensus.

We should not hike for years.

I think that that is a dichotomy between the hawks and the doves and the fed.

We are on trend growth and without the support of qe popping up both markets and the economy.

Hopefully, they will hike.

They want to make sure of all of this stuff, but why not start to tell the market that we're probably going to raise rates.

Why not throw it out there.

If you look at the chart, -- we are financial people, we like numbers.

If you give us numbers, we will stick to it.

They did not want to rock the vote given the qe, the first quarter gdp number was so weak.

If we start to get better growth and wage growth starts to normalize, i think they will -- it there is less uncertainty than we have had in the past.

It's getting better.

At least we have dodd and yelling flipping out.

I'm just saying, she needs to slip up a little bit more.

Thank you so much.

The new high-frequency trading that the sec wants in place.

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