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Jan. 24 (Bloomberg) –- Wedge Partners Principal Brian Blair and Mashable Technology Editor Peter Pachal preview next week’s earnings from some of the big players in tech, including Apple, Google, Twitter and Facebook. They speak to Matt Miller and Trish Regan on Bloomberg Television’s “Street Smart.” Blair owns shares in all stocks discussed. (Source: Bloomberg)

Specially among the scandal.

Apple, yahoo, facebook, amazon and google show us what they've got, what we can expect from the tech giants.

Great to have both of you guys here.

What are you looking forward to?

The first is apple.

They are curious if the ipad sold better or worse than expected.

I think that they will be better than people thought, close to 27 million.

Iphone a little bit weaker than expected because the iphone 5c did not sell as well as people thought.

Will that set the tone?

Yes, because it is on monday and its size.

The rest of the week, we will hear from the internet guys to see how big mobile was.

To see what facebook is doing with instagram and video advertising.

What people are focused on is best buy and amazon because of best buy.

Because of what happened at best buy, down 30% -- they got hammered.

Amazon show that they took it away from amazon.

Do you think that amazon did it?

A lot of people, including myself, were frustrated with the ups ordeal and not getting things on time.

The best buy really suffer?

I did a bunch of my shopping on amazon.

I think there was a lot of turning from one to the other.

The numbers to be different this week.

Bitcoin on amazon and not best buy -- because of the gift app, i can buy things on amazon with bitcoin.

I could buy victoria's secret stuff if i wanted to.

You're probably right that the iphone 5c is not selling.

I question why people aren't. people might be opting for the 5s. that is a big upsell.

If it is favoring the 5s, it could work out for apple.

And they cut production of the 5c, but it's still a net lower number.

They are also not getting into that market.

A want to get to the lower income market.

It is not a low-end phone, it is still 500 and $50. that is still too expensive -- $550. that is still too expensive.

A lot of it is attributable to concerns about earnings.

Is the tech community worried that they will not be able to keep up with valuation?

There is a concern of how the stock it in 2013, especially the back half of the year.

We are resetting expectations and we start to get little signs of production and expectations for the consumer this year.

Samsung being the most recent one.

They are more conservative about their march quarter.

We think they are not making as many of the galaxy s5's as they would.

There is concern with mobile products and i think that is causing a little bit of caution right now.

We are seeing a peak of mobile technology and smart phones affecting the apple and 5xc decision makings.

The samsung galaxy siii, that is probably still the most popular phone even though the s4 has been out for more than a year.

Pre-k's how do you -- how do you compel people to go buy a product if they like the one they have?

A larger screen iphone is one thing that might direct people to a new iphone.

What about a curved phone?

It is very much a gimmick.

I think it will remain a niche poroduct.

It might remain fervent in a small sector.

What if you have michael bay as your spokesman?

Customers might flee the store.

I wanted to ask you about the pc market.

The cfo said that the pc market is stabilizing and michael dell told us that he thinks it is stabilizing.

Is it still in such a horrible decline?

I think the decline is not as bad as it used to be.

At some point, things bounce off of the bottom and i think that is what is slowly happening.

It everybody is buying tablets.

You still have a pc in your home, right?

There are still pcs being purchased.

Stabilizing is probably the right word but it is not improving.

The declining is a bit slower.

I think with regard to microsoft and what they have done with windows 8.1, the definition of pc is getting murky.

When they say the pc market is

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