What to Expect from Goldman Sachs Results?

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July 16 (Bloomberg) -- Bloomberg's Olivia Sterns previews today's second-quarter results from Goldman Sachs and what it may mean for bank industry earnings. She speaks on Bloomberg Television's "The Pulse."

We have had three big weeks.

Last week we had wells fargo and jpmorgan with estimates.

Citigroup posted better-than- expected results.

In fact a 42% rise in profits.

It does mean that the stakes are pretty high.

We're talking about goldman sachs, the most profitable security firm until the financial crisis.

They are looking for earnings of 2.89 per share.

Compare that to last year of 1.7 a per share.

That is a significant increase.

That's an increase of 60%. one analyst summed it up on bloomberg radio.

In recovery economy, investment banking picks up.

Fixed income doesn't drop off a cliff.

You should be at a point where you're going to get expansion in investment banking.

That is what we're looking for.

Lex lenders have been watching rising interest rates.


All the focus is on if, when, and at what pace will the fed take its foot off the accelerator and keep their foot on bondline.

Interest rates are up sharply.

That has been the big concern of most lenders.

Being called out on interest rates.

Goldman sachs's president said that he is confident that his bank to manage it.

He says it is an urban legend that banks have problems making money from fixed income.

Those earnings are out.

In two hours, stay tuned for surveillance.

They will have coverage.

Perhaps more details on capital ratios.

And, our favorite topic, executive pay.

Thank you.

Those figures are out a 12:30,

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