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May 28 (Bloomberg) –- Veracruz TJM Founder Steve Cortes, A&G Capital Chief Investment Officer Hilary Kramer and Credit Suisse Senior U.S. Rate Strategist Ira Jersey discuss markets and U.S. GDP. They speak with Trish Regan on Bloomberg Television’s “Street Smart.” (Source: Bloomberg)

We're looking at potentially a zero point i've percent decline in gdp for the last order.

Class i am not in the game for making addictions for that numbers is it he but i think federal softwoods -- softness today.

There has been a lot of movement in currency and rate it, driven largely by your many are we have a soft employment number out of germany today during global week is, the global muddle through scenario is what has really dominated markets right now.

I do not expect any markets at all from gdp.

Regardless of the number, if it comes in negative and we are just not showing growth at all, how can we stay in the levels we have seen?

Qwest probably because the gdp is just one off.

It will probably be negative.

We will probably be down when i've percent, up one percent.

Fourth quarter gdp was up 2.6%. the estimate, and this is where market do not move all that much, even when down one percent very we are expecting a four percent growth number in this camcorder.

Really it is because -- five there are all these other factors that are impacting us, is actually the unemployment were on car sales monday.

Class the idea being there is -- people do not spend because of the terrible month in january, february, and march or it we may see it show up in this quarter.

Looking at the longest rally in 30 year treasuries and 2000 x. will it ever change here?

Will people start to get out?

Let's a will.

People were positioned to get out there that is one of the things driving the market.

A sickness number of evil expect higher interest rates.

Because of that, people are short interest rates were underweight treasuries against other asked the class.

There has been periodic shorts reasons we have gotten in the last couple of weeks.

I agree with her first guest who mentioned global economic weakness.

The big event has been moving his the rates market and treasury yields, the idea that this until bank will be easier than everyone ought at the end of the year.

He's be, that next thursday i'm able out with -- probably something dovish.

Markets are preparing for that.

Qwest rates are dropping because we are looking at europe and its acting president mario draghi a. and, he will cut rates.

That is the point.

That is why we are in our 10 years they below present.

As we will have more, do not go anywhere.

We will be back with the close

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