What to Expect From Fed's Janet Yellen?

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Nov. 13 (Bloomberg) -- Bloomberg Television's "Lunch Money" Host Adam Johnson reports on Janet Yellen's Fed. (Source: Bloomberg)

Perspective, if they were worried about polls in april - bubbles in april, they are less worried now.

Janet yellen trying to become the next fed chair, testifying tomorrow.

Vince reinhart has some ideas.

Republicans are going to talk about the size of the balance sheet.

The mets are going to say there are a lot of people unemployed.

That is going to be very hard for her to answer.

Without accrediting -- without discrediting tapering, she will have to say the fed will keep policy accommodation in place, the size of the balance sheet matters.

The accommodation will stay in place.

For guidance as a tool for, nation.

-- forward guidance is a tool for accommodation.

What if things move quickly?

Will the fed sit with two chairs.

It happened before.

It depends what chairman bernanke he doesn't and what the senate votes on.

Great possibilities, one is chairman bernanke serves until january 31 as the chair of the fomc and the bore.

The second possibility, he resigns.

That is his decision.

That is actually in exception.

Greenspan's term as governor expired.

The next possibility, earning he could go into the january fomc meeting and say i am going back to my office.

The chairman of the board is the senate designee.

The fomc is a group decision.

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