What to Expect from Deere’s Earnings

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Feb. 19 (Bloomberg) –- Bloomberg Industries Senior Analyst Karen Ubelhart joins the Surveillance team to preview Deere & Co. ahead of its earnings release. (Source: Bloomberg)

Any other blue-chip.

Why is that?

There's been up tremendously desk terrific -- terrific run.

In particular, grain.

Corn prices are down 35%, pulling down cash receipts, which is a large driver of farm equipment.

People are concerned.

We have a perception of our auto industry being worn out.

Cars are 10, 11 years.

The fleet is close to 12 years old.

A record.

Do we have old farm equipment?

We have had five up years in for me, to man.

You can't use replacement demand as a reason to keep the cycle going.

The earnings are forecast this year if you look at consensus estimates, to drop about 9% this year and another 2% next year.

Isn't that tough for john deere right now?

North america, the largest part of their business, down five percent to 10%. these companies are very leveraged.

If the top one is down 5 present the 10%, the 9% may not be enough.

If you look at a pie chart of the market share, 36% in 2012 for john deere.

Is a pretty big gap between number one and number two.

What does john due to -- john deere due to diversify?

Where does it go from here?

They are growing their construction equip the business.

It is only about 16% of sales, but in the last three or four years they've been focusing on growing that market.

Construction equipment could be up this year.

The problem is, it's all a 60%, 17% of sales for them.

It will not carry the ball.

House the chairman and ceo doing?


Not just double the share, their margins are significantly higher than anyone else.

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