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June 2 (Bloomberg) -- Bloomberg’s Cory Johnson previews Apple’s World Wide Developer Conference on Bloomberg Television’s “Bloomberg Surveillance.” (Source: Bloomberg)

Conference in seven cisco.

I know there is wearable technology that will find its way into apps.

There's a stuff like nest, but that is google, we try to figure out what is happening in your home with an app.

What is the new this year?

That is a good question.

There's never been a device is successful in the entire history of can eating -- and the entire history of computing at the iphone.

Apple can't gets -- get out of its own way with the demand for something new.

Since the passing of steve jobs, the company has not introduced anything really big.

The company that came up with the ipod and iphone and the ipad, yet we want more of this company.

We understand from the people who work of this company, the people that left the company, is it is harder to get projects approved in the tim cook era.

They want business plans and spreadsheets.

You don't just want a great idea.

It is ratcheting up the pressure on the company to innovate even further.

It is a lot of pressure to get into the place.

It is to take a couple of months to sell the tickets.

Now there is so much demand it is a lottery.

Why are so many people trying to get into this thing?

The old joke about working at apple is that everybody wants to be inside apple because the people inside apple want to get out.

It is a company that is very insular in a hopper the way.

So many devices have been sold in so many people uses operating system, it is changed to weigh competing works.

Computer is no longer driven by the desktop.

It started on the notion of mobile first, and apple is key to all that.

Kleiner perkins has a hundred 64 pages.

I looked at every single slide and i underestimate the international expansion of these toys.

How is apple doing internationally as a go into this new product cycle?

Interestingly, as it relates to international growth, apple has done fairly well.

The iphone sales growth, you can watch it expand over the last few years as they added countries.

China has a much more difficult place -- is a much more difficult place for apple to enter.

There are a lot of different competitors, principally.

China has its own homegrown smartphone business.

It has been interesting to watch the way apple has toyed with and really not had a lot of success at lower price points, even in their apple five5c. their lower-cost model didn't do as well as they wanted.

When they finally do get around to announcing an iphone six, which probably won't happen today, but certainly is on the table, is what they will do with a lower price point of the older phones.

Will the older phones effectively become the subsidized, lower cost version of the iphone?

You have a share buyback.

That buy enough time for investors like you and others were more skeptical to get on board and find out what is happening at this wdc?

I didn't have to buy any time.

I was on bloomberg radio with cory on the day they did that.

I was simply delighted that they did it.

I actually believe there is going to be a surprise and they come out with a larger size iphone.

Both in china and the u.s., it will be a really big surprise.

Michael holland, you're with us.

Cory johnson, go back to better get some coffee, whatever you do out there in california.

We don't sleep.

From essie chairman harvey pitt will be joining us to weigh on the popular -- weigh in on

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