What to Expect From Apple's New iPads

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Oct. 8 (Bloomberg) -- Wedge Partners' Brian Blair discusses what to expect from Apple's new iPads with Emily Chang on Bloomberg Television's "Bloomberg West." (Source: Bloomberg)

Stamford, connecticut.

What do you make of the timing?

Is this in line with what everything you expected?

We knew they were going to come sometime in october.

This idea of october 22 is in line with what people are expecting.

I think you nailed all of the features that we are going to see from these new ipads.

A retina screen on the mini, and i think on the larger one, we will see a thinner design, but more importantly, a much smaller bezel.

They will keep the 10-inch screen, but do it in a much smaller device.

Tell us more about the features.

What is going to make these new ipads any better than the ones we already have?

The retina screen is actually going to be a big deal for the mini.

That was a big complaint when it was launched last year, why doesn't it have the retina screen yet given that all of apple's other products have that?

That is going to be a big deal.

Most of the ipads, i think more than half of them being sold, are the many, the smaller form factor.

It is going to be a big deal to see the consumer affection of the bigger 10-inch ipad, but with a much smaller bezel.

It will feel a lot more smaller and more portable.

That will be a focal point, which one of these devices is flying off the shelves as we get into the holiday season?

What about the macs and operating system?

The only thing i'm curious to see is if they will introduce any new hardware, which is unlikely.

The macbooks themselves have looked the same for a while.

They made a some innovations here and there, but we have already releasing the software, this new maverick software.

I don't think there are going to be any features they will introduce their.

I'm curious to see if we will see any new hardware.

The big variable, the potential for surprise is, do they do anything with the apple tv box?

That is one variable that is possible.

Are there any new ipad formfactor factors that nobody has picked up yet?

What might those be?

What other form factors are you thinking of?

You know, the last few years, the ipad line is not as important.

They do not sell as many units.

It has been declining year-over- year.

They have played around with the nano.

They have played around with the touch little bit.

Is it possible they do something very unique?

Do they introduce a new touch id fingerprint center -- sensor across the ipad it touches as well as the ipad?

That is a variable.

Something new.

What is interesting is that we already know what they are going to release great i wonder if there is a chance of them doing something that we all don't know already.

That is going to be a challenge for them.


That was my last question.

Could there be one more thing having to do with televisions?

Maybe a smartwatch?

No smartwatch.

If there is going to be anything announced around that, i think we would have seen evidence of it in the supply chain.

I don't think there is going to be an announcement regarding the large television, which i think is more likely attitude -- 2014 event.

-- at a 2014 event.

We could see an update to the new -- to the hockey puck tv device.

What sort of update would you be looking for?

They could introduce an app store to apple tv where you have the ability to download some of the same apps that are available on the ipad or iphone onto your television.

People feel like that could be a precursor to them doing a large, 50-inch screen on your wall next year.

That is a kind of thing that would be a significant move, a major surprise.

It would be a great direction for them to go with the apple tv.

What could be?

The speculating brigands.

Ryan blair, thanks so much for

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