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Sept. 6 (Bloomberg) -- Adam Satariano reports on the September 10 Apple event. He speaks with Deirdre Bolton on Bloomberg Television's "Money Moves." (Source: Bloomberg)


I am an edwards.

It is just on 7:00 this monday.

-- in london.

The second day at the g 20 summit.

Jonathan farrow is also here . caroline hyde is back to tell us -- hsbc's global chief economist is here with an analysis of the struggles in emerging markets.

Let's bring in our reporter for more.

What do you think we have got?

The biggest take away was the group of countries setting up a $100 fund to protect their currencies should they get in trouble.

They are concerned actual tightening would be like a noose.

It did not matter how many times president obama sought to reassure them they -- he had their interests in mind.

They are still concerned.

Today, the most acute problems that have been mentioned have been solved or are under control.

Although it is too early to relax, our main goal is to return the global economy to stable and balanced growth.

The problem has not been solved, unfortunately.

It means the risks in the system, the conditions for the strong crisis occurrence still exist.

The chinese deputy finance ministers say it would be arrogant for u.s. monetary officials to think that u.s. monetary policy should only be concerned with domestic cost classes, domestic situations, and domestic cases in the united states.

It has got to be concerned about the global for u.s. consequences of tapering.


It was not all about tapering and the u.s. federal reserve.

There were other subjects.

The prospect of tapering, we have seen these capital outflows.

We have seen stock market decline 10% this year.

In the developed world, the stock market has gone in the other direction pretty much.

Their concern is that it chokes growth and it creates more problems.

Thank you.

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