Amazon Smartphone: Worth the Wait?

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June 18 (Bloomberg) -- Cory Johnson previews the expected announcement of Amazon’s first smartphone on Bloomberg Television’s “Bloomberg Surveillance.” (Source: Bloomberg)

The mobile phone market.

This is happening in seattle.

Cory johnson is there.

We have been talking about this all morning.

It might have a 3-d camera and will probably have some sort of app that helps you go to amazon prime.

What is the excitement here?

It is amazon doing something in the new market.

Amazon is a dominant retailer in the u.s. it grew up on the desktop.

It it has increasingly moved towards mobile.

There is a threat there.

The opportunity for somebody else to come into the computing arena and be where people make purchases and decisions and do more on mobile.

Amazon is trying to get in front of that with a phone like this.

It is kind of dark here.

They got you up very early.

If you look at the market share, it is so concentrated.

Android is 80%. why not just create an app and put an amazon prime app across all of those other phones?

They have certainly done that.

Amazon has really tried to put themselves between other retailers.

They have an app where you can actually go to a retail location and scan a barcode and see if you can get a lower price.

That has had limited success.

We will find out more about this -- their notion is not just to drive sales of the phone.

Amazon is willing to accept -- it's the only business willing to accept lower margins than the cell phone makers.

Amazon might have the opportunity to have a device that works in a retail location to make the shopping happen on amazon and b with the consumer at all times.

We also expect this device to be different from other phones we have seen.

The project within their headquarters -- they are developing the kindle and the amazon fire hd.

They will try something new and if it does not work, they will move on.

As you talk to silicon valley executives, you make up the bloomberg west team, are they excited about this amazon device?

Curious is probably the right word.

It is a monster in retailing.

It occupies its own space here in silicon valley.

We have entered an age where technology and companies are part of the broader economy.

It is more important to what is walmart than apple.

It is a dominant retailer.

A the things they do to give the things they are doing to get shopping there -- we will be watching for the unveil, coming up.

Thanks, cory.

We have some breaking news right now.

Fedex has just reported its results -- earnings line, it is a b. fedex shares up right now by 1.2%. this is a huge deal.

This is a solid beat revenue earnings.

The percent change move is a nominal gdp plus plus move.

Fedex also making some comments on the broader economy.

It sees continued modest

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