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May 16 (Bloomberg) –- PlanSource President Scott Carver discusses the success of the Avenue H health-care exchange with Alix Steel on Bloomberg Television’s “Street Smart.” (Source: Bloomberg)

We are the technology provider for the exchange, so we run all of the transactions, albeit small businesses that run through that platform.

They go through our porto.


85% of small businesses have renewed with you, your sales rate conversion is 35%. you have serious numbers.

When did you do write that the government did not?

We had a platform tohat work.


we are seeing 20 to 30 new businesses every month signing up.

Not only do we have the numbers thus far, we have one and am going on to the full enrollment -- momentum going into the fall enrollment.

Couldn't really be that easy like shopping on amazon?

It will never be that easy, but we are trying hard.

These people have 70 different lands to choose from.

That process is very complicated.

We provide a utility for them that understands their own personal needs and makes recommendations for them.

What about your technology?

First of all enough to be able to shop for plants, and you -- you have to be able to shop for plans, be able to compare those plans and make the right decision.

Is that cloud-based?

From and to and.

-- end to end.

I'm interested in terms of what your business has done and grown since you rolled out with avenue h. we have had a lot of grades in the or, running private exchanges.

The but is like aetna, large organizations that were establishing private exchanges.

Running an exchange is part of our core business and her competency.

I think that is how we were able to make the utah experience and expects the one -- experience a successful one.

What kind of expansion plans do you have?

We are experiencing an excess of 50% growth a year.

We actually see that accelerating and going into 2015 with the further adoption of the exchange models.

We are really expecting a significant amount of growth.

That investment that we raised, that was really to fuel and prepare ourselves for that growth.

What is your biggest hindrance right now?

Finding the tech talent.

I you looking for acquisitions to absorb?

We will be opportunistic.

But it really is a very hot market right now.

We have a very specialized net, and finding tech talent that can fill that niche is a challenge for us.

Thank you so much.

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