What the AMR-US Airways Settlement Means for Fliers

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Nov. 12 (Bloomberg) -- Gimme Credit analyst Vicki Bryan discusses American Airlines and US Airways reaching an agreement with the U.S. Justice Department over the government’s bid to block their merger. She speaks with Mark Crumpton on Bloomberg Television's "Bottom Line." (Source: Bloomberg)

There are many benefits of the merger.

This seems to be a politically charged climate today.

This is very splashy.

Is another thing entirely having to mount evidence to prove this.

I felt like the justice department would negotiate a settlement.

I think that is what we saw today.

Let's talk about the terms of this settlement.

Were they tougher than what you were expecting?

Who does not benefit?

They are essentially what we were all expecting.

The benefits here are pretty well balanced between the low cost.

Here's an the existing carriers.

We introduce greater stability to the airline industry.

The regulators lost space with this.

Overall, the people who counted in the use, the employees, the creditors of the airlines, the stakeholders, i think they all benefit.

That is a win.

One and the main objectives was the u.s. airways dominance.

Why was it such a point of contention?

Just this level the playing field?

It does balance it.

There was no question that this was going to be a discussion point.

That is only the main critical area where they overlap.

That was in point of favor of the merger.

They had much more conflicting areas.

I doubt that the airlines were objecting to make it some concession.

It does create more balance.

That is what is what is necessary.

I'm speaking of this mega merger.

Eric holder said the settlement would create a bigger foothold for low-cost carriers.

How will be settlement accomplish this?

What does this mean for the bottom lines?

It means carriers will get a greater toehold in some of the major airports that are involved . mainly reagan.

This is very important and profitable.

That will allow more slots for those folks.

Keep the choice for consumers i do want the low cost fares.

When will air traveler start to see the benefits of the merger?

I think they already have.

I see this as a result of the confidence that was engendered.

People began to foresee stability.

We have already begun to see this.

This happened when they mounted this lawsuit in august.

It creates an obstacle here that disrupted the progress.

We have less than a minute left.

Is there anything that went prevent the district court, anything that would prevent him from signing off on today's settlement?

I do not believe so.

I think we are all systems go.

Is we're joined on the phone

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