What the $2B Clippers Price Tag Means to Sports

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July 29 (Bloomberg) -- Rob Tilliss, founder of Inner Circle Sports, comments on the latest developments in the fight for ownership of the Los Angeles Clippers. He speaks with Cory Johnson on "Taking Stock." (Source: Bloomberg)

Surprised how quickly the process went through.

We know he'd tried to buy a tivo for.

Is it a difficult process?

It is a time-consuming process because of the background checks a potential new owner has to go through.

The league does not have an internal security person who works through that and the financial checks.

You say that, but i actually know that they employed outside private investigators who literally were looking for dirt on steve ballmer so they knew what they were getting into when he bid on the kinks.

-- kings.

They all higher outside security to do due diligence of the do not want to get an a situation where they appointed new orwner and then they have a crisis to deal with.

Is it different?

It is the same process and save application and disclosure that everyone must offer.

Guggenheim was the big investment in the alley dodgers.

-- l.a. dodgers.

Talk to me about why the league likes this kind of investor.

Looking back on the history of these ball, stewardship of the yankees was atrocious.

Josh harris was the buyer.

I think we're moving into an era where franchise value has grown so much off the back of large media contracts and read arena revenues streams, we're seeing larger backers.

You're seeing much more subject is again -- a much more sophisticated market then we had 10 years ago.

I am a sports business band, and a look at the price paid for the dodgers and four the clippers, and i'm a northern california guy so i hope that both teams fail, but is there money to be made?

Tv is one of the main drivers, but it is also what you doing with your local revenue?

Whether it is for your water is moving to san francisco -- warriors moving to san francisco, it will make them more competitive and give them more dollars to invest and the team.

The sacramento kings deal

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