What Activision Buyback Means for Future of Company

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Oct. 10 (Bloomberg) -- Activision Blizzard may proceed with a $5.83 billion share buyback and the management-led purchase of $2.34 billion in company stock, a Delaware court ruled. Cliff Edwards has more on Bloomberg Television's "Bloomberg West." (Source: Bloomberg)


It means they are an independent company.

They will not be beholden to a parent that has a set direction for what they do.

How big of a deal is this?

It is a big deal.

Activision has not pursued the digital strategy like competitors.

They can pursue overseas growth.

They could be looking for growth.

It means that the ceo would have a lot more power?


He has always had a good deal of power.

He was a one-man show with a great team around him.

Again, he does not have that parent who says we need money back to help with operations and dividends.

Will that change things for employees or customers?

I think employees and customers will see a lot more aggressiveness on the part of activision.

They know how to make money.

They tend to stick with franchises that work for them.

They can try out things that are different and interesting as well.

What will they try out?

They had something called skyland there.

It work for them.

It was a big risk that they took.

They can try other things like that.

They can try teaming up with movie companies.

There is so much change going on.

Ea got a new ceo.

Zynga got a new ceo.

It is interesting.

Activision is one of the most stable companies among this group of companies.

The share price has not done so well because they have been sidled up with a parent company.

We will see if the gaming companies can do well here.

They're looking for transition to determine whether game companies will be around to stay.

If you turn out good games, people will buy.

What about social gaming?

It is still there.

People will be interested in social gaming.

If you can do a good mobile game that is social and gets people involved and interested, you can do well.

We will see whether the big guys want to move heavily into gaming.

He feels like they can keep going with blockbuster titles and new and innovative products.

There has been a lot of talent shuffling around.

Is that the case?

The game industry has been in your own.

-- eat your own.

[laughter] people like to try different things.

When people leave for one company to another, they will the people that they like it to their company.

It will be interesting to watch to see how things shake out over time.

Thank you.

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