What Social Media Should Politicians Use?

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Feb. 20 (Bloomberg) -- Harper Reed, Former CTO Obama for America, discusses the use of tech and social media in politics on Bloomberg Television's "Bloomberg West." (Source: Bloomberg)

There use whatsapp, vine, viber?

I'm not totally sure how to use it in washington.

I know this is a great technology for trying to interact with constituents.

There is a lot of excitement about how you connect with people.

That's something we try to do a bit on the campaign.

All of these life forms allow us to have more of a one-on-one conversation with these people out there.

That is really important.

One thing we have learned is how quickly the social media landscape changes.

We know what you did in 2012. what would you do with the president if you are involved with him in 2016 or the next candidate?

I think there is a lot that is changing in the landscape of tech.

With the emergence ofline and whatsapp, messaging has been taken off the big platforms.

There is this really interesting aspect of privacy and control were some people are very interested in trying to solve this.

I'm excited to see what happens in 2016 and will the same things in 2012 work?

Will people be more skeptical?

Do they want to have more understanding of how we made the decisions in 2012 with e-mail targeting or whatnot.

Is privacy a fair expectation?

I think it is a fair expectation.

I also think that many people don't really care about it in the same way that people thinking about academically care about it.

I worried that we will have a problem in the gap to 22. i think it's an expectation.

We know mark zuckerberg cause biggest ambition is to connect the world.

He is now trying to bring internet access to everyone in the world.

How does something like whatsapp further those objectives, the more political objectives we have seen from him when it comes to internet.org and immigration?

I think this is the most important part about the whatsapp acquisition.

Their penetration in many countries that are not united states is really important.

When you think about feature phones or ones that are not supported by regular chat applications, this is a great way to hit the people that don't have the privilege we have in the united states with internet access and give them an opportunity to communicate with their friends and peers.

From there, being able to push for messaging to them from brown's, etc.

We keep talking about ads.

I don't know if that matters as much as making sure it works and continues to work.

We have seen some great examples of washington using technology in the 2012 presidential campaign.

What about examples were they have used it poorly when it comes to health care,gov?

What will it take for washington to catch up?

Health care.gov was a very large project and there were per chairman issues.

-- procurement issues.

It's not a matter of using the technology poorly, it was just a large product that was difficult.

I think we have to -- i say we because it's not just washington, it's everyone who has to pay attention to what the cutting edge is and listen to the users and what they want.

One thing that i worry is if in 2016 if we just follow the playbook from 2012, we will fail.

We constantly have to have our ears to the ground.

I don't have a good answer for why or how we can make sure they do things better in washington but i know that continuing this conversation will hopefully push those leaders to make good decisions.

What will define the race in 2016 when it comes to technology?

I think it will be more about hitting key consulting groups and.

I'm excited about my friends in civis consulting group in chicago who are building political technology to help them out.

Republican software is another way of doing this where there are building a platform based on what we did in 2012. that will be the defining characteristic.

We will not have enough time.

We will only have a couple of months because we will not have the 18 month we had in 2012 so it will be interesting to see which of these technology firms jump and run.

Before you go, tell us more about what you're doing at modest.

We are trying to make the future of commerce better.

We are worried about the direction we have been going and we think we can make it better.

That means making it easier to buy things on mobile devices and making it to you don't have to enter your credit card and other fun stuff.

When i want to purchase a pair of shoes on a tray, how do i make it so that happens?

Harper reed, former cpo of

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