What Should the Freakanomics Team Focus on Next?

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May 15 (Bloomberg) -- On today's "The Agenda," Tom Keene, Scarlet Fu, and Adam Johnson look at trending news stories and the Twitter question of the day on Bloomberg Television's "Bloomberg Surveillance."

Released at 8:30. looking for a gain of .3%. today, we cut the producer price index.

Significantly stronger.

Did we get that at the consumer level?

We go to the pc as well.

That is correlated to my agenda item.

Bonds do well.

They've looked for a lower rate regime.

Once again, everybody is wrong.

He admits his forecast is too high.

We get ppi stronger-than-expected.

What do bond yields to?

They go down.

Consensus is confounded.

Bonds right now or what -- retailers on my agenda.

Walmart reporting earnings.

It was a mess.

Jcpenney at nordstrom will be reporting later today.

Three out of nine department stores made a report of one percent or more gain.

We hear about the economy doing better and the consumer feeling better.

Yet, it is not being born out by the numbers.

That is coming up later today.

We now want to get to our twitter and serve the day.

Steven levitt, pay attention.

Which of the freakonomics team focus on next?

We crowd sourced.

Freakonomics and climate change.

This is about incentives.

Where is the incentive on climate change?

We wrote about it.

Everybody thinks if you just do the right thing -- what do liberals get wrong about climate change?

The idea that we have ever solved a problem in the history of mankind by everybody getting together and doing the right thing.

Climate change is a huge -- technology is always the answer.

The u.s. school system is our only future.

Think of we could understand how to make education better, there would it would be amazing.

The way i teach is exactly the way they taught in the 1800s. i walk in the door and use a chalkboard.

It's crazy.

My radical prediction is, we won't have teachers in 40 years.

What will they do, then?

It will be computer-assisted education and more like tutors.

So much easier to tutor kids.

Compare nfl draft two interest rates.

That sounds ridiculous.

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