What Should McDonald's CEO Be Doing Different?

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July 22 (Bloomberg) -- Former Eastman Kodak Chief Marketing Officer Jeffrey Hayzlett discusses his outlook for McDonald's with Deirdre Bolton on Bloomberg Television's "Market Makers." (Source: Bloomberg)

While we have you here, give us some advice.

Which of the ceo of mcdonald be doing that they are not doing now?

They are doing pretty good.

They are the biggest player in the markets.

Subway may have more stores than mcdonald's, but only half the revenue.

They have become the poster child for obesity, which is a bad thing, so they are trying to reposition the company as a safer, healthier alternative.

I was reading an article on line that said the best fast food restaurant for help as mcdonald's. the truth is, even if you go in there and you say you are quick to get a healthy salad, for most people, it is hard not to order a big mac, fries, and a drink.

They offered apples instead of fries for the kids' meals, but only 10% of people would take them up on that.

What does this mean for the core customer?

Earnings are off a bit, but it is not a big thing.

Not catastrophic.

They are doing the right things, still growing.

Still hitting gross sales numbers, maybe not as big as chipotle or five guys -- so what are they doing right?

They are still catching up.

Any gain that they get, they look like they are growing in much bigger numbers, which they are, but not with the massive size that a $27 billion company like mcdonald's has.

You mentioned the drive- thrus.

There is no drive-in for five guys but i am a fan of all these, as you can tell.

65% of the customer and then go to a mcdonald's is drive-thru.

Dening in that line, move a bit faster, the healthier wrap, made within 60 seconds, that is a big thing.

A multimillion-dollar effort to revamp the stores.

That could be a problem as well.

40% to 60% of costs are borne by mcdonald's. here is what i tell people.

A brand is a promise delivered.

In this case, your dressing of timber a little bit, which is good, but if we do not get to that core group, the younger audience, who are starting to look for something healthier, looking for the freshness of chipotle, i think mcdonald's could give it to them.

And talk about the issue of the employee's. when the employee starts to complain, of the concern.

It is only the same people doing the same kind of complaints about mcdonald's that we have typically seen, a pro with a bit of mustard at them.

Jeffrey, thank you for joining us.

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