What Separates Twitter From Facebook?

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Sept. 13 (Bloomberg) -- Howard Lindzon, CEO at Stocktwits and John Rice, CEO of global growth & operations at GE, examine the differences between Twitter and Facebook, the growing importance of social media and why the time is right for a Twitter IPO. They speak on Bloomberg Television's "Bloomberg Surveillance

Lindzon with us, the chief executive officer of stockwits, owner of twitter.

He by drinks last night.

1355 market street, san francisco.

What is different and the oxygen in their headquarters versus the oxygen at mineral park and facebook?

A lot of giddiness, i am sure.

They have been focused -- i am friends with dick.

I think a, what is amazing, pleasure to meet an amazing ge person, how twitter is just such a basic, simple product.

We think of the world global economy -- the lightbulb -- yeah, but they have got to manufacture it, package, deliver it.

You think about what i call social levers were you have a product, and you can update it overnight and the world sees it.

We're talking about two ends of the spectrum.

John rice, 300-5000 employees.

It is not -- 305,000. it is not twitter, but just your thoughts on this important points.

We use social media all the time internally and externally to connect with our constituents.

In fact, social media drives a lot of demand for infrastructure around the world because people are curious about what is going on in other places.

They hear about it, and then they look to their governments and say ok, i wanted.

Quite the you have a five-year strategic -- you have a five-year strategic plan, and then twitter comes along to break down consumer barriers.

That is that you believe that the going for you.

Yeah, and we change the way we do strategic plans and the way we think about our internal processes to take advantage of the availability of information in the speed which which -- speed with which you can move around.

You mentioned the ceo of twitter.

Why now you?

As we pull up the facebook chart again, facebook was still at 18, twitter would never go public, i think with facebook at 45, barring a market catastrophe, we will see put or public as fast as possible.

You see it in the acquisition, the advertising acquisition.

They are serious.

That one came out of nowhere.

The youtube acquisition came out of nowhere for google.

Right, you are the fancy guy, you play golf with your son, 72 hours we, you don't have a real job -- let me catch up, correct, correct, correct.

With an eye, howard, you are one of the early guys that the shares cheap.

Do you just apply that after ipo this will be an intelligent investment for our viewers?

That is a great question.

Are you allowed to answer it?

Of course.

The answer is -- as an investor, as someone who runs a hedge fund, i sell when i can, not when i have to peer to that is just the basic lesson.

I have been telling twitter what i could.

God bless twitter for having been locked up or i would've sold at $1 billion.

That is the honest answer.

The company gets better as it goes.

Do i own some?

A little bit.

It's also too early?


What you just heard from howard lindzon is the most important thing all week.

His great fortune is that he could not sell all of his twitter.

It was locked up -- that is like a buy and hold kind of thing.

There's going to be a lot of speculation about this.

Do you have any idea or valuation guess about what it is worth?

My guess is always wrong.

But my guess would be -- everybody gets a thing they will learn something from facebook, but i find that as a baloney statement.

If it is golden or morgan stanley, this pressure to get a twitter as much at past as they can get, and the public has been craving for it, and all the things have made soap note -- so few ipo's, twitter is going to grab as much as they can.

I would not be surprised to see 20 billion dollars.

Howard lindzon with us, john rice of general electric, david kirkpatrick will join us later.

Company news -- pimco and blackrock more than a quarter of the debt offering according to the "wall street journal your coat them go bought about $8 billion in jet -- in debt while blackrock sold about $5 billion.

The buyout of the vodafone in verizon wireless.

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