Blizzard Business: These Companies in High Demand

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Jan. 3 (Bloomberg) -- Julie Hyman reports on the impact of snowstorms and cold on businesses. She speaks on Bloomberg Television's "In The Loop." (Source: Bloomberg)

Companies benefiting.

I will go out on a limb -- home depot and lowe's. all of the supplies you have to get, and natural gas springs to mind because when it is super cold, the demand for natural gas tends to go up.

Natural gas providers like chesapeake partners.

Ferrellgas partners, suburban propane partners, and of course they do not just benefit with the spikes of cold weather, but the entirety of how cold the winter is is important for them.

Backup generators tend to be a big business as there is concern the power will go out.

Generator sales can add up to $50 million in sales.

97% of homes do not have a backup generator.

We saw a pickup after superstorm sandy.

Pimm fox actually spoke to the ceo of genera yesterday.

Everything interacts with the grid.

When you get into safety type things wear daily care is necessary, you have to get power.

The more dependent we become on electricity, the more you need a backup strategy.

That is the residential and commercial use.

Speaking of commercial use, what about plows?

You have them all over new york city.

In the winter season, people sign up for contract.

When you know the big storm is coming, the demand might pick up.

We spoke to a company that sells the plow that he goes on the front of the truck, and they say it adds to sales.

When everybody is home and cooped up, do retailers benefit?

Is there nothing left to do but shop online?

There is surprisingly little research, but in seattle there was a study to examine the more -- the weather correlation.

There, it was more of a question of rain.

It is a correlation between rainfall and traffic.

If you look at home furniture retailers, they saw a 10%-12% bump when there was inclement weather.

Apparel retailer saw a smaller bump because people refer to try things on, so the commoditized items tend to do better.

Fedex, ups, if you order things, will you get them?

They say we have been doing this for a long time and they have meteorologists on staff to prepare for things like this.

Makes sense.

Yes, there might be delays, but they have been doing this for a wild and they keep it under control -- doing this for a wild, and they keep it under control.

Julie hyman, thank you, with the business implications of the snowstorm.

Moving and shaking this hour,

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