The Salesforce Vision: Smartwatches for Work

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June 10 (Bloomberg) -- Salesforce Senior Vice President of Emerging Technology Daniel Debow discusses wearable tech on Bloomberg Television’s “Bloomberg West.” (Source: Bloomberg)

Force where?

-- salesforce wear?

We think wearables are growing quickly.

We will find all of these cases in businesses and enterprise.

It is about helping companies connect to companies in new ways.

I have tried many wristbands.

The thought of getting work on my wrist stresses me out.

You are imagining this as more of an enterprise application where you are using it in the operating room or a customer service representative can monitor calls remotely.

As you move towards a new lat forum for technology, we invent new ways to use them.

Hoover could not have existed without -- uber could not have existed without mobile phones.

Customer experiences and casinos and resorts and shopping, different ways you will be able to provide offers and customer journeys for consumers.

I think that is part of the vision.

You can imagine field service workers using google glass to get instruction or how to improve and fix a problem, how to go through check listing in warehousing and manufacturing, that is where visualization comes into place.

Situations where your hands need to be busy.

You will see devices be available.

In terms of everyday usage, having a wrist device is not just putting a smartphone on your wrist.

It is about the specific use cases that are small nudges.

What is really important is context.

These devices are always on and they have sensors.

They're connected to products and places and the systems around you.

Imagine i am running late for a meeting.

I can glance down.

It knows i am on my way.

Lots of productivity enhancements will come from developers using these to build apps.

They are pretty simple interfaces.

Could all of this clutter it up and make it more difficult to use or less desirable?

When you take lat forms and you build apps -- when you take platforms and build apps for them, some of them are not so great.

We build six reference apps for six leading different wearable vices.

We have open sourced them and given them away for free.

We have given it to them and said go create.

We have connected these devices directly to the platform.

We want to see what they come up for.

I do not think it will clutter it up.

People will find specific use cases that are really helpful, help people become more productive and help companies connect more with their customers.

You are working with samsung, fit bit, what do they tell you they want?

What short -- what sort of uses are they interested in.

They want more applications built for these devices.

In this particular case, they are excited about enterprise exploration.

How can businesses use them?

Salesforce is the number one cloud computing company in the world.

We are saying you should think about these because wearables are growing quickly.

You will get a competitive advantage if you think about how you can connect to customers and make your employees more productive by using the platform to think about what you can do.

The companies we are thinking about are overjoyed.

We are innovative.

We see what is coming.

Are you watching apple for an

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