What’s the Value of Sports Rights in Cable Deals?

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July 18 (Bloomberg) -- LHB Sports Entertainment & Media CEO Lee Berke and Bloomberg’s Eben Novy-Williams examine the value of sports rights in cable deals and the impact of Tiger Woods back at the British Open for television ratings. They speak with Betty Liu on “In The Loop.” (Source: Bloomberg)

Espn comes out a winner, tracking boatloads of eyeballs and dollars.

I want to bring in liber, -- lee burke.

Lee, let's start with you.

You see some of these parallels with the at&t-directv merger and the whole sunday nfl ticket right here.

One of the whole reasons why fox covets time warner is the sports.

Time warner has a great relationship with the nba through turner.

It has the ncaa tournament.

Hbo has championship boxing.

Majorly a's ball -- major league baseball is on turner.

You have the sports rights.

Fox could be competitive with espn very quickly.

As a result, the nba itself could be entering into an nba -- nfl sunday ticket moment.

Direct has to acquire nfl sunday ticket.

If you are turner, you want to obtain or retain nba rights.



Fox is interested in those rights as well.

They will only get the rights if they pass through the exclusive window that turner and espn have.

If fox goes to time warner, it gets those nba rights.

And there you go.

Espn wants this really badly.

Don skipper, that is going to be one of the big contracts they will bid for.

What has been the problem with fox sports one?

At an oh-fer does a problem.

It is just young.

It does not have the power that espn has.

Is there going to be a company that steps up and challenges espn?

We have not seen that yet.

You might need a combination in order to stack up against espn.

Speaking of espn, tiger woods is going to be the star at the british open even though he is ranked seventh in golf.

What is the moneymaking for espn?

Tiger woods may not be the best golfer in the world anymore, but he is the most fascinating golfer.

Everyone wants to see would he does, how he reacts, how he plays.

In a multiplatform uniforms were your ratings are driven for golf , he has his own platform.

They are creating essentially a tiger woods platform on espn on their over-the-top service.

That way fans can follow tiger woods from the first through the 18th hole.

That is where the ratings are.

That is where the interest is.

Even among casual fans.

You want to see tiger woods playeds -- plays golf.

Rating spike when he gets on the course.

We sought with majors -- saw it with majors earlier this year.

The u.s. open was the lowest rated and 22 years.

When tiger woods is playing, more people watch.

As tiger woods goes, golf goes.

No one else has been able to replace him or get to that level.

The reality is with golf.

There was a big three back in the 60's and 70's. palmer, nicholas, player.

Now you are looking at tiger woods, maybe phil mickelson.

He has certainly made himself well known outside of golf.

People want to see what he does.

That is the person who will derive your ratings.

Last year, tiger woods was the highest-paid athlete.

He slipped this year to number six according to forbes.

Floyd mayweather is number one.

You have others like lebron james, leah no messy -- lionel messi.

If tiger keeps playing poorly, like he did yesterday, what does that mean for his sponsorship?

As long as he is playing, he will be the highest sponsored golfer out there.

It is kind of like roger federer in tennis.

No matter what nadal, djokovic, and federer -- andy murray do, roger federer will always outpace them in terms of earnings.

Tiger woods will be number one in terms of sponsorships.

He has 114 majors.

The next nearest golfer -- won 14 majors.

The next nearest golfer has a fraction of that.

He has his relationship with lindsey vonn.

He has a long track record of exciting performances.

Even if he doesn't perform to that level that he was before, he still is going to be?

Look at michael jordan who has not played basketball in over a decade and he is still one of the highest-paid athletes.

Maybe you should quit while

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