What's the Question Still Hanging Over the Economy?

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Nov. 13 (Bloomberg) -- Bloomberg Television's "Lunch Money" Host Adam Johnson reports on Central Banks monetary policies. (Source: Bloomberg)

Create problems, sometimes we do.

But when the create problems like the financial crisis, it is like a child who has the flu, we throw everything up, get it out of our system, we move on and we rebuilt.


back to the original issue.

Our politicians on capitol hill going to be able to find any middle ground on spending e -- on spending?

There is enough to pass a comprehensive bill.

I would love to see that done.

If you pull -- to the extent that i talk to individuals, both sides would like to see it on.

You can see a compromise, it is very hard to do.

We will take it.

"'s -- pimco's richard clarida says the worst may be over.

There is debt ceiling fatigue, we may have seen the worst.

There will still be finger- pointing.

They will get resolved sooner than later.

We have had a substantial fiscal adjustment.

Unless there is a big change in the elections next year, we are at a status quo on fiscal policy for the next three years.

It is not great, there's a lot they could do, i don't think it will cause a lot of damage.

Whatever concerns the fed had about frothiness, there is less concerned now.

We have had an increase in interest rates.

It is telling that the stock market has continued to do well notwithstanding the repricing in the bond market.

I think problems from the fed's perspective, if they were worried about polls in april - bubbles in april, they are less worried now.

Janet yellen trying to become the next fed chair, testifying tomorrow.

Vince reinhart has some ideas.

Republicans are going to talk about the size of the balance sheet.

The mets are going to say there are a lot of people unemployed.

That is going to be very hard for her to answer.

Without accrediting -- without discrediting tapering, she will have to say the fed will keep policy accommodation in place, the size of the balance sheet matters.

The accommodation will stay in place.

For guidance as a tool for, nation.

-- forward guidance is a tool

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