What's the Next Hot Area of Mobile Tech Investment?

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Oct. 22 (Bloomberg) -- Accel Partners' Rich Wong discusses the shift to mobile technology, the lessons learned from Facebook's IPO and Apple's growth prospects. He speaks with Emily Chang on Bloomberg Television's "Bloomberg West." (Source: Bloomberg)


You were on the board of mopub.

How important do you think mopub is to bringing twitter's ad business to the next level?

As you probably know, it is hard to speak to the specifics.

What i would point out is that when the deal was announced september 9, twitter had a public statement that -- rtb, real-time bidding.

This is the shift in the industry.

They want a more automated effort.

How about this -- you guys were one of the earliest investors in facebook.

He washed it go from a few million to one billion users.

-- you watched it go from a few million to one billion users.

How far can twitter go?

There were a number announcement today.

The launch of the ipads is a milestone.

Pretty amazing that this happened in only a three-year period.

I think gardner estimates that tablets will exceed pc shipments over the next 18 months.

Whether it is facebook or twitter or pandora or a number of companies that are benefiting from the pc era to the mobile era -- let's try this -- does twitter have any ipo lessons to learn from facebook?

Is there anything he should have learned from that?

I think one of the things twitter has essentially talked about well is its business on mobile.

What is clearly taught about is the rise of mobile activity.

When you speak of the facebook question, it has rise in market cap because of mobile advertising.

It has rebounded over the past year because of that.

It demonstrates they are in the mobile ad space.

Is impossible to be too mobile?

I am biased.

I think broadly, the answer is no.

That is where the behavior of the consumer is going.

The iphone is only 60 years old.

Android is only five years old.

That -- the iphone is only six years old.

Android is only five years old.

Tablets are getting a crunch on pcs.

I do not think it is possible to be "too mobile." there is criticism that apple is not innovating fast enough.

I think it is a pretty impressive milestone that apple has shipped millions of ipads.

I think today's announcement helps.

There is a little bit of a replay of the pc wars.

Think of he sees versus apple macintoshes.

See what happened in the smartphone space.

You see android took off dramatically.

It will continue to succeed, but there will be competitive pressure from others.

In terms of how that apple- android battle play out, do you see android having the majority of the market and apple having a small market?

I think the market shares will clearly go down.

Apple represents about 80% market share of the tablet space.

It is out to a nice lead.

There is a rise of samsung and htc and motorola and others.

Market share will start to decline.

What is the next hot area of mobile?

We have talked a lot about the gaming startups like super cell.

There are other things like halo cap.

They are doing well.

We also talked about ad tech businesses.

What is coming next is what is transforming the world of work?

Security companies or a lookout or other kinds of mobile enterprise businesses, dropbox, evernote -- i think what is next is a set of productivity tools and security management and general business enterprise products.

That will be impacted by this trend.

Thank you for joining us in

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