Is the Holacracy Business Method Worth the Hoopla?

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Jan. 21 (Bloomberg) - Bloomberg News’ Julie Hyman digs deeper into how a holacracy works as it becomes the new trend in business on Bloomberg Television’s “In The Loop.”


It is governed by a lot of rules.

It takes a long time to implement it and learn a new way of doing things.

The way it works is, in a whole lot per see, everybody's job is role-based rather than being given a title by a manager with a specific set of duties.

The roles involved in your job are decided upon together i committee through a set government ross s. there are tensions though they talk about.

The stalks in the military, you have billots to fill.

They're dedicated to specific duties and functions that have to be maintained or executed.

As a result, it is about how many you have and you find people with the best skills to fill those.

And you launch them and they get a career and make things happen themselves.


In the military, they've been doing that for years.

But they do have a hierarchy in the military.

There is a chain of command and you have to follow responsibility.

The ceos of these companies, because they are not spending their time managing people, it frees them up to do more creative work and more of the work of the organization or the company.

How do they keep a handle on what is going on?

There are two kinds of meetings.

Governance meetings and tactical meetings.

In the governance meetings, you talk about who is in the roles.

In the tactical meetings come you talk about the work that is going on.

Is something preventing you from executing one of your roles properly?

What can you do to make it happen?

The people i spoke to at the various company said that it is a much more efficient process.

Things get done weekly.

The meetings are so efficient that they don't waste time.

How would this work for matt?

I got a feeling that it would not work for you.

Would you like a company with this infrastructure?

I'm trying to think of a smaller company -- the u.s. army is not too small.

Thank you very much.

Julie hyman, our wholocracy

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